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the official photos of the 30 candidates

IN PHOTOS – The 30 challengers for the succession of Vaimalama Chaves posed in front of the comedian photographer Miss France. The election will take place on December 14 in Marseille.

30 days before the French franc 2020 elections, the individual and official photos of the candidates have just been revealed (see our slideshow) The shooting took place on Thursday in a studio in La Plaine Saint-Denis. From morning to evening, the 30 regional girls took turns, in their powder-pink dress, before the lens of photographer Bertrand Noël from the Sipa office. In attendance are a dozen people present, Sylvie Tellier, director of the Miss France company, the communications service TF1

, which forwards the selection through the hairdressers, makeup artists and other production assistants.

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This photography is important. This is the first time the candidates have been photographed by the official committee photographer. The same unique background, the same light, the same dresses, the same manicure, hairstyle and the corresponding makeup …. In order to avoid liking a miss, the committee ensures that they are treated fairly. Only the size and length of the dresses differ according to the morphology of each. " Under the dress, an invisible corset is adapted to the shapes ," explains Sylvie Tellier. "The designer makes several dresses, equally for a woman measuring 1.72 m or another one at 1.86 m ", adds this former miss who wants to emphasize that the candidates are not weighed. " There is no sizing" concludes it . A way to wrap up the latest controversy surrounding Miss Auvergen's choice. One candidate, who was not elected to the regional election, had accused the Committee of Grossophobia. Another sign of non-favoritism: production calls girls by their region names and not by their first names. There are some diminutives: "Midi-Pyrenees" becomes "Midi-Py" and "Guadeloupe", "Guada".

No external signs of wealth

And the patron of Miss France assures: no editing n is done on these photos. " There are light filters but we do not change a young woman's physique. We do not become obese, we do not emigrate, we do not extend their bodies and their faces do not extinguish either. The magic filters on Instagram or Snapchat are not at home ". For hair styling and makeup, the candidates state their preferences. If they have no ideas, the art group will submit proposals. " If a woman has an aphrodisiac, she can keep her hair diaper or smooth ," gives an example Sylvie Tellier. Jewelry and personal accessories, such as pumps, are prohibited. The social environment for the young woman should not be visible in the picture.

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This equal treatment will continue until December 14. During their months of preparation for the national elections, during official journeys, all candidates are dressed in the same way. The committee provides them with a complete wardrobe base. " For example, they are given a clean wool coat, boots, pumps, dresses … ," says Sylvie Tellier. It is only in front of the pre-selection jury, a few days before D-Day, that the production asks the Miss to put on a personal dress. Their taste in this area is evaluated. " They are also manufactured and completed by their care. We look at whether they learned during the month of preparation to show themselves. It is also a good way to discover camaraderie between girls as they tend (or not) at these times. for some) to help each other . "

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» Miss Alsace: Laura Theodori
23 years old – 1.71 m – Education Assistant
Instagram: @lauratheodorioff

»Miss Aquitaine: Justine Delmas
21 years old – 1.76 m – Law Degree Student
Instagram: @justinedelmasoff

» Miss Auvergne: Meïssa Ameur
21 years – 1, 86 m – Law Degree Student
Instagram: @meissaameuroff

»Miss Burgundy: Sophie Diry
21 years old – 1.76 m – Master of Biology
Instagram: @sophiediryoff

» Miss Brittany : Romane Edern
24 years g ammal – 1, 73 m – Student in Neuropsychology Master
Instagram: @ romaneedern.off

»Miss Center-Val de Loire: Jade Simon-Abadie
22 years – 1.73 m – Master's degree in communication
Instagram: @jadesimonabadieoff

»Miss Champagne-Ardenne: Lucille Monk
18 years – 1.73 m – International school student Event and Tourism
Instagram: @lucillemoineoff

» Miss Corsica: Alixia Cauro [19659011] 20 years – 1.76 m – Chemistry Bachelor Student
Instagram: @alixiacaurooff

»Miss French Riviera: Manelle Souahlia
18 years – 1.72 m – Student in business school
Instagram: @ manellesouahliaoff

»Miss Franche-Comté: Solene Bernardin
23 years old – 1.76 m – International Master Student
Instagram: @solenebernardinoff

Miss Guadeloupe: Clémence Botino
22 years old – 1 , 74 m – Student in Art History
Instagram: @clemencebotinooff [19659003] »Miss Guyana: Dariana Abé

21 years – 1.73 m – Student in aesthetic education
Instagram: @darianaabeoff

» Miss Ile-de-France: Evelyne de Larichaudy
23 years old – 1.72 m – Construction Engineer
Instagram: @evelynedelarichaudyoff

»Miss Languedoc-Roussillon: Lucie Caussanel
18 years – 1.75 m – First-year student of medicine
Instagram: @luciecaussaneloff

Limousine: Alison Salapic
22 years – 1.72 m – Infimiere
Instagram: @alisonsalapicoff

»Miss Lorraine: Ilona Robelin
18 years – 1.78 m – Student in real estate BTS
Instagram: @ilonarobelinoff

»Miss Martinique: Ambre Bozza
21 years – 1.75 m – Second year student at art school
Instagram: @ ambrebozza.off

» Miss Mayotte: Éva Labourdère
19 years – 1.75 m – Student in BTS professions in aesthetics, cosmetics and perfumery
Instagram: @evalabourdereoff

»Miss Midi-Pyrenees: Andréa Magalhaes [19659011] 21 years old – 1.72 m – Student in Bachelor of Biology
Instagram: @andreamagalhaesoff

Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Florentine Somers
19 years – 1.77 m – Education special educator
Instagram: @florentiinesomersoff

»Miss Normandy: Marine Clautour
21 years – 1.72 m – Master student in insurance and wealth management
Instagram : @marineclautouroff

»Miss New Caledonia: Anaïs Toven
18 yo – 1.70 m – Bachelor of Biology
Instagram: @anaistovenoff

» Miss Pays de la Loire: Yvana Cartaud
18 years old – 1.73 m – Student in Terminale L
Instagram: @yvanacartaudoff

»Miss Picardie : Morgane Fradon

20 years old – 1.74 m – Student in applied foreign language
Instagram: @morganefradonoff [19659059] »Miss Poitou-Charentes [19659055]: Andréa Galland
19 years old – 1.72 m – Preparation for the competition went into military school
Instagram: @andreagallandoff

»Miss Provence: Lou Ruat
18 years old – 1,71 m – Student in Management License
Instagram: @louruatoff

»Miss Meeting: Morgane Lebon
20 years old – 1.76 m – Graduate student in Economic and Social Administration
Instagram: @morganelebonoff [19659003] »Miss Rhone-Alps: Chloé Prost
20 years – 1.77 m – Student in Luxury Master Management
Instagram: @chloeprostoff

» Miss Saint-Martin – Saint-Barthélemy: Layla Berry
19 years -1.75 m – Student in Business Strategy and Economics License
Instagram: @laylaberryoff

»Miss Tahiti: Matahari Bousquet
22 years old – 1.80 m – Model
Instagram: @ mataharibousquetoff

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