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So for or against cinema?

Hundreds of thousands of volunteer patients are enrolled in the NutriNet project led by a Bobigny research team. At the end of 2018, the results of the sub-briefing NutriNet Bio were published in the journal JAMA ( Journal of the American Medical Association ).

Is cinema really good for health?

For four and a half years, approximately 69,000 adult consumers were followed. The authors conclude that a diet rich in organic foods lowers the risk of developing a type of cancer of lymphatic system ( lymphoma non -Hodgkins). This is believed to be directly attributable to the smaller pesticide exposure . We cannot say that there are no pesticides in the cinema, but we can say that there are less residual quantifiable pesticides.

Let's quote the magazine Que Choisir which states in September number 583 that " very low doses found in two samples of potatoes and lentils bio seems to unintentionally reveal contaminants that may occur in the field, or during transport or storage with traditional foods ".

However, we note that definitely establish superiority for bio in the matter of pesticides that studies show up to 90% reduction of certain biomarkers in urine in organic eaters. So the conclusion is that yes, cinema is good for health, even with regard to a certain partisan method pointed out, for example, by the Academy of Agriculture in France (which does not seem insensitive to the virtues of using synthetic pesticides )

Must organic fruits and vegetables necessarily be eaten?

I will be firm, not at all. The important thing is to respect the recommendation to eat five fruits and vegetables per day organically or not. We must not force people with low purchasing power, as students, to go for organic costs. The health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are proven and the studies were initially not done with organic

Should We All Be Organic? This is one of the questions with sensitive answers. The democratization of cinema will lead to an overproduction of cinema which is likely to trace the practice of virtue to the first advantage. And it will be difficult, as for the rest of the diet, to combine low price and quality. See how Americans already know about this problem. We can eat cheaply in New York but it is disastrous at the level of nutritional quality and to eat balanced we have to set the price without forgetting 20% ​​of tips and federal taxes. So no 67 million French people will not be able to eat organic!

This is the dose that makes the poison!

This claim based on the principle of Paracelsus is now being questioned. Pesticide doses can be met by being under toxicity and at the same time suffering from a cumulative effect (we are talking about cocktail effect ) related to high levels of chemical substances, each of which has amounts that are non-toxic for health but whose final composition causes a harmful metabolic disturbance to the human body. So we must definitely sweep away this old thinking that the dose is toxic, it is the composition of toxic substances and their combination that over time, more or less varying, generate formidable diseases on organisms more or less sensitive to this environment

Finally [19659009] We cultivate French hypocrisy. We are the second largest consumer of pesticides in Europe behind Spain. Nutritionists and public authorities recommend that eat fruits and vegetables . We recently condemned a mayor who wants to ban the use of pesticides in the immediate vicinity of homes in his city. We can believe that the lobby still has good days ahead. In evidence, Nodu is "number of dosage units", an indicator of the follow-up to the use of phytopharmaceutical products in France which continues its rise in recent years in France. For us to know how to use the deadly weapon: the boycott!

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