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Ségolène Royal condemns Radio "France" slanderous insinuations

POLITICS – Would Ségolène Royal have maintained a ministerial lifestyle and divert the resources that Quai d & # 39; Orsay has been allocated for her personal agenda? These are the questions that arise after reading the cell research in Radio France, which was revealed this Friday, November 1

5. We learn that the former Minister of the Environment, appointed by the Ambassador for Poles by Emmanuel Macron 2017, is multiplying travel in the province to promote his book or the basic documents.

Journalists for public services point out that she is systematically accompanied by members of her cabinet, which is paid for by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the administration on which the embassy of the upholstery depends. In other words: that his employees who are paid by the public money perform tasks that have little to do with Ségolène Royal. For example, Radio France reveals that its communications adviser has made a trip to Senegal (far from the Arctic and Antarctic) to observe the progress of a project started by Desires for the Future for the Planet, the foundation of the former presidential candidate.

Radio France also claims that Ségolène Royal has far superior to those of her predecessors in the same position. "According to exchanges of emails the Radio France cell survey could consult, she negotiated to have three partners available, one more than Michel Rocard, and in particular a € 100,000 envelope of mission costs, nearly three times as much as Michel Rocard", we can read. A figure that Ségolène Royal disputed about RMC. In another study, this time published on the website of France inter, we know that on the side of a conference in Lapland, the former minister went out of his way to make dog sledge … together with a photographer of the magazine Paris Match which she will do a few days later.

"I still care?"

Journalists write it several times: Ségolène Royal did not want to answer his questions about the merits. "Your hints are insulting," she told them. A defense that Ségolène Royal repeats this Friday. "My relatives' voluntary and associative activities happen exclusively at their leisure. Why so much ruthlessness? Do I still care? Nothing will stop my actions and my ecological commitments," the Polish ambassador first tweeted.

Then it is at RMC that Ségolène Royal replied. "Everything is wrong," she says, reiterating that her collaborators have "volunteered for several years" by her side. "Attack me, I'm used to it. At a time when I was randomly showing up in the polls that are best placed to meet the left's challenge in the presidential election. As if by chance, attacks, attacks, slander are still strange, the former minister continued .

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