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Red Dead Redemption II for sale – News

A game that has become inevitable at a low price? Red Dead Redemption II from € 21.33, this will make you happy

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Red Dead Redemption II is a very special game that will have many anchors. Between an open world like no other, a scenario worthy of the best Western countries and a hyper-detailed insight this game quickly became one of the best-selling video games by the end of 2018.

This title is however, obviously not calibrated to the public and even contrary to the productions we are used to. Some will point to the slowness of the game caused by an insight that focuses on the details. Yes, Red Dead Redemption II, like a wild stallion, needs to be tamed and requires time to tame it.

This campaign is therefore a great opportunity to try this title without investing a large sum of money. A true invitation to travel in the wilderness of the West

Test by Logan

Note: 19/20

More than for its amazing visual beauty and its fantastic sonic perfection, Red Dead Redemption II is invaluable for what he has to say and how to make a credible change in the band's family dimension, central to this sequel. While enjoying a gigantic open world alive, consistent and surprising even after spending fifty hours, we find ourselves trapped in this story served by a kebab of characters who are all better written than the others. And this is the strength of the game with Rockstar Games that mostly manages to exceed its gameplay dimension by using its story to better play the player to make him laugh, shudder and move. More than one game (imperfect in its gameplay, sometimes redundant but so generous), Red Dead Redemption II is an epic born of the gene's greatest film work, which constantly feeds great emotion to return to us at an astonishing and logical end at a time

We invite you to read the full test for more information on this title.

Our Video Test of Red Dead Redemption II

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