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Re-enactment in Catalonia: will your summer holidays be threatened?

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Catalonia decided this Saturday to configure part of its population due to an increase in contagion. This measure comes two weeks after the general decontinence in Spain. The duration of containment has not yet been decided.

As soon as the Catalan authorities’ decision was taken, the restructuring was immediate. Since this Saturday noon, part of Catalonia has been limited again after a very strong increase in the number of Covid-19 infections. How long will the prison last? Which municipalities are affected? Should you have to give up your vacation in Catalonia this summer?

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  • Why is there a reconfiguration?

Infection cases have multiplied in recent days around the city of Lerida, a city located between Zaragoza and Barcelona. “We have decided to limit the Segria area on the basis of data confirming a significant increase in the number of Covid-1

9 infections,” explained the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya Quim Torra, without providing any exact figures. In this region of Segrià there are nine epidemiological centers, at least four of which come from a fruit and vegetable company, says daily. Förträdet. 174 positive tests took place this Saturday.

  • What is the affected area?

The containment applies to the 38 municipalities around Lerida in the Segrià region, for a total population of 210,000 of the 7 million inhabitants of Catalonia.

  • What are the limitations?

Then Saturday at. At noon, entrances and departures from the restricted area have been restricted except for professional reasons, to go to the doctor or to care for a disabled elderly person. The stores are open: employees and customers over the age of 6 must wear a mask, respect social distance and disinfect their hands.

Groupings of more than ten people are prohibited in public and in private. Visits to nursing homes are closed until further notice. Travel within Segrià is approved. It is also possible to travel on the motorways that cross the region between Barcelona and Zaragoza or Huesca in Aragon.

The containment will last at least 15 days, according to Interior Minister Miquel Buch, a duration that corresponds to the virus’s incubation period. The exact date will be determined according to the epidemiological developments.

  • Is the rest of Catalonia threatened?

Impossible to say. Currently, the resorts of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada or the city of Barcelona remain. The containment set up on Saturday afternoon is just to contain the spread of the virus.

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  • Should I cancel my holiday in Catalonia?

There is currently no indication that a cancellation is necessary. The tourist areas are available and free of charge. Spain’s borders, which reopened on June 21, can still be crossed. The situation can still develop in accordance with virus development. When canceling a stay, look at the general terms of sale of the contract to find out what is provided in such a case.

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