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Pokémon Sword / Shield: which starter starts the adventure? – News

Waiting for Pokémon Sword / Shield to end, and it's already time to face the usual dilemma of choosing your very first Pokémon! But one question arises: are they worth it? We review each of the three starters, their final development, their stats and their special abilities and talents, to help you see more clearly for the rest of your adventures in Galar.

Good to know

The names of the latest developments, talents and abilities are based on the English versions. The French name may change and will be updated.

Gorythmic, the starter 100% plant


Final development of Ouistempo his name is taken from English " gorilla " (gorilla) and onomatopoeia " boom ] ".
He has all the stats of a bulky fighter. He has a high attack statistic associated with a decent life overall along with a defense that allows him to take the blow . [1

9659003] Gorythmic is not "too slow" either . At a rate of 85 it outperforms many competing Pokemon. But his unique type reveals many weaknesses : Fire, insect, ice, flight and poison will thus undermine his defensive capabilities above average. On the other hand, its type advantages are excellent . A fight against a water, electric or solar type will force your opponent to master the offensive of this noisy angry gorilla.


Hidden Ability, Grassy Surge activates Champ Herbu 5 laps after his arrival in the field. Field Herbu increases plant attacks by 50% and also heals Pokémon for 1/16 of their highest hit points. You will be able to cumulate it with the object Remains which has the same effect.

Special capacity

Drum beating his special ability, is a physical attack of the plant type with a force of 80 and a precision of 100 . It has the effect of reducing the speed of your goals . This can allow Rillaboom to get faster and turn the tide very quickly.

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<h2 class= Lézargus, starts 100% water

Statistics [19659015] Lézargus is the second development of Larméléon. Its name comes from the English " smart " and " chameleon " (chameleon). He was a fast special attacker (125 in special attack and 120 in speed) which allows him to be perfectly integrated in a role as "sweeper". However, be aware: his defense below average (65) and his moderate hit points (70) make it a simple knockout . The types of Clean Water are in danger against the Plante and Electric type but benefits from interesting resistance to the Fire, Ice and Steel attacks and ] & # 39; an offensive advantage over the Fire, Rock and Ground types .


Sniper will increase the critical speed from x1.5 to x2.25 [Thedifferencebetweentwostarters will be difficult to take advantage of. Lentilscope or Power ability can be interesting additional bonuses that can sometimes trigger and secure knockouts.

Special Abilities

The signature of Lezargus, Snipe Shot is probably the most interesting for this generation . With 80 power and 100 accuracy this attack does not seem very special until you are interested in the side effect . Snipe Shot can bypass the drive effects ! For example, a bulky Togekiss using By Here in double combat to protect his sweeper will not be of any use to Snipe Shot . This ability can, in some situations, be a real game changer

  Pokémon Sword / Shield: which starter should start the adventure? "Title =" Sword Pokémon / Shield: which starter to start the adventure? "src =" http://image.jeuxvideo.com/medias-md/157381/1573810366-5932-artwork.jpg Chapter19659021 ?? (credit: fanbyte) </em></p>
<h2 class= Pyrobut, 100% fire starters


This is the final development of the Flambino fire starter . Its name is the contraction of the English words cinder (ash) and ace (as). He is clearly the favorite of the starting trio (fire, over and over …). His blazing speed (119) is linked to a very high attack (116) . His average defensive and vital statistics reconciles that Pyrobut cannot withstand a long time before the adversity . He is of the type Fire . So you have to be careful with attacks like Rock, Ground and Water . Yet Pyrobut will be a real threat to the Insect, Plant, Ice and Steel type .


His talent is Brasier . It works exactly like the talent Protean . When you select an attack, the Cinderace type changes attack type, which guarantees attack bonus of the same type on all counts.

Special skills

Cinderace en owns two. Burning Balloon is a powerful physical fire vapor and slightly more accurate than attacks of this size, with 120 attacks and 90 accuracy . As with most fire attacks, she can fire her opponent to deal with 1/6 of her highest hit points converted to damage and reduce her physical damage by 50% each turn.

Her second ability, Change-side allows to exchange effects on both sides of the field . = For example, this will give you the ability to steal the effects of a wall of light or protection which will give Cinderace an indispensable boost for the defense.

  Sword Pokémon / Shield: which starter to start the adventure?

(credit: fan exchange)

In summary, this return to unique types of memories returns for some and a discovery for others. No matter what happens, this information is disseminated from a purely strategic and competitive point of view. There is no doubt that the adventure will be more appreciated with a Pokémon that you have chosen by simple feeling.

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