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millionaires pray to tax the richest more against the coronavirus crisis

This signed letter from 83 millionaires is published before the meeting of the G20 finance ministers and the extraordinary European summit on the revival of the EU.

“Immediately” and “Permanent”. In a letter (in English) Published Monday, July 13, 83 millionaires demand more tax on the richest in the world to contribute to economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic. “When Covid-19 hits the World, millionaires like us have an important role to play in healing the world”, say the signatories, including the founder of American ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s, Jerry Greenfield and British director Richard Curtis.

“We are not the ones taking care of the sick in intensive care. We do not drive the ambulances that take the sick to the hospital. We are not the ones filling the shelves in grocery stores or delivering food from door to door”

;, writes this group that calls itself Millionaires for Humanity on its website.

We have money. A lot of money. We absolutely need money now and we will continue to need them for years to come.Millionaires for humanityon their website

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a historic recession around the world, prompting governments to spend billions on support for households and businesses hit hard by the economic paralysis linked to containment. According to the OECD, the decline in global gross domestic product should amount to at least 6% this year and 7.6% in the event of a second epidemic wave, while the recovery expected for 2021 would be 5.2% without recurrence of coronavirus and 2.8% by .

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