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Lomepal talks about the Booba attack after his naked photo [Vidéo]

Lomepal photo credit: mathieu.rainaud https://www.instagram.com/mathieu.rainaud/strong19659002achteIt began in November, already in collision with La Fouine, Damso, Kaaris or even more recently Kalash, Booba had made fun of Lomepal on Instagram by commenting on a photo published on the social network by the latter to announce the triple platinum certification for his album "Jeannine" with reissue "Amina"

"Jeannine / Amina certified triple platinum today thank you x1000 eh yo team what is your sound?" had informed Lomepal while publishing a photo of him completely naked on a motorcycle, "Next time bike without a seat just as it is folded. I feel you will win the victories in the music 🙌🏾 #bravo" then Booba responded.

In a new interview for Mouv & # 39; Lomepal talked about this reaction from Booba on social networks explaining that he was flattered by the comment from B2O, "He made me laugh. I'm on Instagram. So I see everything he does. It amuses me, it makes me laugh. So I expected one day when the other one would be me too. " he explained as you can discover in the video below before adding "I was flattered to see that Booba knows who I am. In fact, it's a certification. I took it pretty well at all. .

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