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He wants to protect his cannabis plants and cause fire

Orange with AFP services, published on Sunday, November 17, 2019 at. 22:44

In Australia, a massive fire, which caused the death of four people, was caused by a man who was thinking of protecting his cannabis plans through a preventive fire.

On Sunday, November 17, an Australian was charged after lighting a fire to protect his cannabis plants. This fire, originally small in size, has triggered a much larger fire, which the firefighters have been fighting for three days.

A dramatic choice, knowing that four people died and that more than 300 homes were destroyed in a week during these fires. Fires that have destroyed more than one million hectares at present.


-year-old man

Police say 51-year-old man was brought before a judge and charged with burning this fire. In this way, the man originally wanted to cleanse the area around his planting, including by preventively burning, according to him, the plants that can ignite in case of fires. A strategy for the less risky who ended up in a loss of control over this voluntary fire. The Ebor fire, which ravaged 10,000 hectares, continues to burn three days later.

Repeated fires

According to the authorities, firefighters are responsible for most of the fires in this state. , but also the neighbor to Queensland: all residents who hold information that would identify officials may pass them on to the authorities. On Sunday, November 17, 130 active fires are expected in these two states, while these many regions have intense drought periods. If the weekend was marked by a short break, the authorities fear a deterioration in the situation at the beginning of next week. If such fires occur each year in Australia, this year was marked by fires of great violence.

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