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Greta Thunberg took 32 hours to reach Davos by train

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish girl, had already spoken during the latest Cop 24. It was in December. By that time, she had caused a feeling by explaining that learning in school in a future world was no longer useful. And here we find her today at the Davos Summit where she came to learn the powerful world and once again called young people from all over the world " to become angry ". A new intervention type that has already caused a feeling. Explanations

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To reach Davos, Greta Thunberg took 32 hours by train. Quote by Sciences et Avenir it is explained:

"I stopped flying because of conviction, because I do not want to say one thing and act differently (…)" believes it is stupid to people Discussing here, especially climate change, comes to a private jet.

Why did you make such a trip? Because the activist has some messages to pass to the famous "great in this world". On Friday, she speaks officially, but already on Tuesday, a giant screen sent some of her comments. And the girl does not go with the back of the spoon:

"Some say we do not do enough to fight climate change. This is not true, because if we do not do enough, we must already do something, and the truth is we do not

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In AFP, she clarifies her idea:

"The officials know exactly what invaluable values ​​they sacrificed to continue earning unimaginable amounts of money (…) I think it is completely unfair for the older generations to confirm this to us and to future generations (…) and that it needs us to clean up after them (…) Young people must realize that their future is in danger (… ) They have to do something, get angry and turn the anger into action.

Here are some initial words that make you hungry. We can't wait to hear Greta Thunberg on Friday.

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