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Google Stadium adds ten games to launch – News

Google did not remain deaf to negative reactions to Stadia's launch lineup revealed last week. There will be no twelve games available, but twenty-two.

Players who will receive their pre-order package tomorrow for the launch of Google Stadia Pro (subscription for € 9.99 / month) will be able to purchase one of the twenty games offered in-store (at still unknown prices)) and enjoy two games are included at no extra cost with the Pro subscription: Destiny 2 The Collection and Samurai Shodown . Remember that the free formula Stadia Base (1080p / 60fps games) will be launched next year and that Google will be distributing several key features on its platform over the weeks (Stream Connect, family sharing, success, 4K on PC …).

Games available at launch

The ten games added

The twelve previously announced games

Games available at the end of the year

Source: Geoff Keighley

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