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Google Nest Max Max Test: our full review – connected speakers

The Google Nest Hub Max is the 10-inch version and includes the smallest camera we've ever tested. Is this interest winning? Our complete test will tell you

The Nest Hub Max


This test is a reality from a Nest Hub Max loaned to us by Google.

Design: same in larger

Google Nest Hub Max is simply the Nest Hub that we have already tested … bigger. There are still some subtleties about the small format, which we will discuss shortly after, but first we must remember that they both make the same impression: sobriety and robustness. The key that integrates with each home, which is a strength.

A big difference in Nest Hub Max is to integrate a photo sensor on the front of the device. The pushbutton to deactivate the microphone, located on the back of the device at the top, also lets you disable this camera if its presence does not suit you. When active, a small diode lights up green on the side. If off, the LED is orange. On the right side of the back you have volume control buttons.

Its foot is actually the speaker

This is the biggest difference between the classic Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. By the way, it's really the same unit … bigger. We move from an 8-inch format to a 10-inch format, which is reflected in the space the unit takes in your home. On one side the screen is more easily visible from a distance, but on the other it is more impressive. It depends on how you plan your space.

After all, Nest Hub Max is a " picture frame " with wide borders. And with this larger diagonal, it looks much less cute than the small Nest Hub. Here we really see a control screen, without any other kind of test.

Display: still not Full HD

The Google Nest Hub Max IPS LCD panel is a 10 inch diagonal and supports a maximum definition in 1280 × 800 pixels. It's always more than the classic Nest Hub, but still not Full HD.

To be honest, the interface does not really need it and the product is not intended to be a secondary display. It really is a control interface before anything else. Still, it can actually be used as a second screen, because it is compatible with the Chromecast protocol and can display any content of this kind.

I see you

More, the latest one has an ambient light sensor to adjust its brightness effectively depending on the time of day. This is especially important when the room is thrown out in the dark, as the interface also becomes black to avoid disturbing you. The light is not disturbing, although we would have appreciated an OLED screen to turn off the pixels perfectly.

Assistant: all information within sight

As always, Nest Hub Max is a smart display . In addition, it is not powered by Android, but by an operating system dedicated to home automation assistants, which comes in the form of cards because you can find them in Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Here's how you can interact with your home automation products, start your music, or even program alarms and routines. Everything is done by voice, but also by the touch screen, which makes everything more intuitive. In the event of an error in your audio request, the screen lets you see it for a moment and respond quickly when you cannot immediately start everything to the touch. The most important way to interact is still the voice; it is not a tablet.

The interface is always so beautiful and refined

Watch videos, listen to your music, call via Google Duo … All this is of course possible on Nest Hub Max, as a bonus of course to ask your questions to Google Assistant and have a visual response. At break time you can see your favorite albums or artists from all over the world again.

Nest Hub Max focuses on two distinct points, both related to the camera

  Google Nest Hub Max

Camera and Surveillance

A 6.5 megapixel camera so, but why? In addition to video calls from Google Duo, this camera has two uses.

The most important is obviously CCTV. With its 127 degree field of view, it can be used as a surveillance camera for a room in your home without major difficulties. It also works pretty well in dark environments and can be viewed with your account from any device with Google Assistant. You can also enjoy advanced features like recording by subscribing to a Nest subscription. I clearly recognize that being able to see my home from work has something more disturbing than reassuring to me, but it is obviously a matter of personal perception.

The second is the ability to recognize your gestures to control your media. So by raising your hand flat in front of your Nest Hub Max, you can pause your music. It also recognizes faces and can therefore adapt the screen to different members of your household, so always show important information about the person consulting the unit at time T. This can be " killer feature " unexpectedly with a camera on a Smart Display, as it is very comfortable and natural to use.

Price and release date

Google Nest Hub Max is already available. It is priced at 229 euros and is only available in this color which blends white and gray.

Where can I buy Google Nest Hub Max at the best price?

Nest Hub Max takes the new formula and adds a new larger diagonal and a camera. If it is less sweet and now really "control tablet" it does not prevent the product's interest through the camera.

If you are looking for a product that easily fits your furniture, check all your peripherals and as a bonus act as a surveillance camera, difficult to make it easier to use and configure than this one.

Positive points

  • Simple design
  • Video surveillance
  • Simple configuration
  • Beautiful legs

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