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Due to an error, a Belgian entrepreneur is left with a negative balance of € 100 billion


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The entrepreneur planned to pay for a sandwich when he got the (unpleasant) surprise to discover a meaningless discovery.

That's what we call ourselves with a blue terror. And when it comes straight from your bank account, needless to say, fear can quickly turn into panic. Frédéric d & # 39; Aspremont had a strange misunderstanding (besides him), reported by our colleagues from La Dernière Heure . The Belgian entrepreneur thought he could buy his lunch time on November 1

2, found that his bank account was a loss of … 100 billion euros. Right!

An incorrect entry shared on his Facebook account

Last Tuesday, Frederic is between two meetings at lunchtime. It is natural that he decides to buy a sandwich story to meet the full stomach of the day. At the time of paying his due, his card is refused for insufficient balance. Surprised, and thinking that there was no obvious problem in his account, the entrepreneur then checks his balance through his bank application.
But there, surprisingly, Belfius, a Belgian bank, shows a negative balance of EUR 99,999,996,506.16. The man then cracked a message on his Facebook account stating: "When your card is denied for the lunch sandwich and Belfius tells you you are at almost 100 billion euros" followed by the hashtags "mercibelfius", "mustard card" and " nosamieslesbanques ".

An unexplained amount

When he joins his bank, the latter explains to him that he is probably facing a computer error, but gives him no more details than that. The manager explains that he had to involve his lawyer in order to get a reaction a little more exhaustive on Belfius's behalf.
In fact, the problem was that Frédéric d & # 39; Aspremont, who practices in the video production sector, had a dispute with a competitor. In fact, the Belgian entrepreneur was sued for plagiarism before he was finally cleared. "What I didn't know is that bank accounts can be frozen when the verdict falls. That's what happened" he said. However, this does not explain why such an amount was posted to the contractor's account

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