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Devices to end the cigarette


Crush the last cigarette and empty ashtray to remove it, with lighters and rituals? It's undeniable: getting rid of a (bad) habit that has been rooted for decades seems insurmountable. The best resolutions are difficult to keep up with over time, due to a lack of an iron will and the unsuccessful support of those around him. If the motivation is there, why not sharpen it with inflexible apps, foolproof support and at your fingertips 24 hours a day? Ready to stop at #moissanstabac?

Before You Begin

Smartphone in your hands, where do you start? Undoubtedly, by uninstalling the Tobacco Spot app: through geolocation, it can flush out the four corners of France's tobacco shop two steps away. What is the point because there is no need for stock? Don't have one? Put your index on the index, no need to download it

When this app is easier, why not make room for Smokerface. We know about the harmful effects of tobacco, especially on the skin and its accelerated aging. As much as having a clear heart: a selfie and considering its consumption and the time that goes ̵

1; up to 15 years – our beautiful face, turned sadly animated gif and cough, goes up in smoke in front of our eyes. Motivated

Coached with Stop-tabac

<img data-src = "https://img.lemde.fr/2019/11/14/0/0/585/1166/688/0/60/ 0 / bb66681_Dnxj6ybrIbjQClvVi0PCHxO5.png "alt =" Application Stop-tabac.ch/fr Tue 19659008 achteApplication Stop-tabac.ch/frebrit19659009 This will be a priori- Diale. and the motivations are solid. To support weaning, in addition to medical advice and products to reduce the symptoms of deficiency, diversion activities and support for those around him or a coach are important.

On this last criterion, especially the Stop-tobacco app .ch is very helpful. In the section "I want", when the need to smoke arises without wanting to spread, we ask the coach who, through twenty messages corresponding to the most popular situations, such as "draws up" the list of the three most important personal reasons that prompted you tilt to stop ". The same coach assigns the most persistent marks to crown the milestones achieved, while the calculator shows days without tobacco, accounts for saved euros, days in life or the number of cigarettes that have not smoked. Released, issued (eeeeeeeeeeee)?

Free app, for iOS and Android. Stop-tabac.ch/enebrit19659012??Atre recommended with tobacco info service

Tobacco info service

The tobacco information services app is a device that helps quit smoking developed by the Ministry of Health, Medicare and Public Health France. As in a logbook, the ex-smoker, having them always on hand, records his reasons for stopping and the habits he wants to change; For each, tips are provided. He is afraid of getting fat, losing concentration, stress? Here again he finds all the useful tips to avoid these pitfalls and to wipe away his concerns, including short video sequences of exercises to relax. support videos from his entourage, sharpen his resolution by weighing the "pros and cons" or consulting the "health benefits" acquired during his weaning. Irresistible craving for smoking? The app allows you to get in touch over the phone with a tobacco scientist (Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 8pm … try to fit your wishes in these niches)

Free app, for iOS and Android. Tobacco-info-service.fr

Entertaining with the Smokitten

  The Smokitten is a serious game that aims to defeat his tobacco addiction.
The smoky is a serious game aimed at defeating his tobacco addiction. . SMOKITTEN

What if quitting smoking was an adult game? Together with Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Smokitten is a serious game aimed at overcoming his addiction to tobacco while having fun. With every desire to smoke, one takes out his mobile phone to indulge in very catchy or relaxing mini-games, "to take care of his hands and breath until the desires are separated to disappear completely .

On this metaphorical island of Smokitten, all gray "as if she were sick" the ex-smoker plays a white cat, player anytime: he can hold (and spit out his lungs) on a turntable, punched in a " punching cat "or browsing the sky in a" Fugulfière "in search of gold coins. When the games are not enough, when the temptation to grill one is too strong, a" Help "button can be activated to seek support from his circular friend and family, previously identified.

During the weeks new games reward efforts and enrich the palette of distractions. "Keep 222 days and discover the secret of Smokitten Island": and if we played to keep up, be careful not to give up f is a new addiction, the compulsive gambling.

Paid app for iOS and Android, 4.99 euros. smokitten.com/en/19659024] Apparently, none of these apps contain miracle solutions. Each must find his or her own, miracle of intimate conviction, necessarily combined with a strong will, that this "divorce" is crucial. As important as the battery is for a smartphone!

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