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Computer attack at Rouen University Hospital: an open investigation

Paris Prosecutor's Office, competent in cyber crime, opened an investigation into organized hacking and attempted extortion on Saturday.

By Martin Untersinger Published today at 12:55, updated at 13:04

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In the aftermath of the cyber attack that severely disrupted Friday, November 15, the University Hospital (CHU) operated in Rouen, the Paris Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation, the latter announced in World on Monday, November 1


The section responsible for cyber crime on Saturday opened this investigation for hacking targeted at a state computer system organized gang, and for extortion and attempted extortion in an organized gang. The investigation was referred to the specialized cyber crime unit of the National Police and to the Regional Judicial Police Department (SRPJ) in Rouen

The department specialized in the fight against cyber crime in Paris Prosecutor's Office National Jurisdiction, regardless of incident location

Probably59 the investigation is open to blackmail indicating that the investigation is against an attack by ransomware – a virus that makes computer and computer systems inaccessible before requiring ransom to unlock them

which required turning off the entire computer system. The plant thus had to "to return to the good old method of paper and pencil" said Saturday to Agence France-Presse Rémi Heym, head of CHU's communications. " This resulted in very long delays in care, although there was no danger to the health of hospital patients.

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