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"Blues and the Tasteless Qualification Phase …"

Six million people were in front of France-Moldova (2-1) on Thursday night. And the same was again Sunday night for Albania-France (0-2).

It cannot be said enough how a Blues game is not a match like any other. Six million is more than three times more than a big match of L1 on the Canal! Much more than a match in the Champions League, but the world's flagship competition!

These six million viewers become 10, 15 or even 20 during a World Cup.

Why do I think so much about these numbers? Well, because all these casual supporters aren't interested in the same thing as "insiders" watching football as a whole. A whole that includes the league + the foreign leagues + the European cups … the estimate, the analysis may not be the same. By not eating football it becomes demanding. We want the right products, the right recipes. We want the game, debates about the game. We want tactics, "philosophies" games.

We want Guardiola, Klopp, Mourinho … The game or the result? We had the debate a thousand times. But it does not interest everyone.

During the last World Cup, not only sports shows are invited. I tried to talk about the Blues game. The sadness caused by this team. And this, too, as the Blues advanced to the final victory. Inaudible. There is talk of national sentiment, of patriotic ecstasy. Developing the mediocre game was completely off topic. I know, I knew. And I keep thinking

Blues are not a matter of taste, game, tactics. It is a sporting moment to meet "his" national team. Football is like a kind of refuge to the last identity.

It remains to be expected that, in anticipation of the possible national ecstasy in June / July, we will have to face a very nasty qualification phase. Even the TV viewer who is clear cannot be fooled. These matches are irrelevant. The opponents are sold as scary, we invent challenges, but in principle it is hardly better than a friendly. Should Giroud play? Is it better in 433 or 352? Bullshit debates where we all participate but don't want to say anything. So and how should one take into account what he does in a club? He made a big play against X or Y, often opponents of the second or third zone.

The two times that France was a world champion, we discarded important players, we built a team, we have been mediocre in the matches before and then history was built on the way! But it doesn't matter, we continue to discuss the Blues. We must sell adventure

France is qualified, like everyone else. There is nothing more to remember than a qualifying phase without interest if we love football and competition. The transmitter will keep him the beautiful audience. Points which also means that we have to eat this kind of matches without a taste for a long time …

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