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Arcaba's painter isérois died at the age of 91

Arcabas died on Thursday morning in his home in Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse, not far from the small church of Saint-Hugues where he left a monumental work which will have occupied 35 years of his life as artist

In the early 1950s, Jean-Marie Pirot, a young professor of the École des Beaux-Arts newly appointed in Grenoble was looking for a church to practice his art. It was during an innocent visit to a colleague of his wife Jacqueline that he discovered the little church Saint Hugues de Chartreuse . He persuaded father Truffaut and the mayor in time to let him decorate this permanent church. In 1

952 he made the first frescoes on jute cloths. Thirty years later, more than one hundred works, liturgical scenes, adorn the walls of the religious building. Today, this church has become the departmental museum for today's holy art.

It leaves a monumental work

Prolific and complete artist (engraving, sculpture, glass painting, tapestries, glassware, cupcake making, mosaics.) Has also been renowned for the world of theaters. With his wife Jacqueline, who died in January 2017, Jean-Marie Pirot had two children, a son who became a sculptor and a girl making theater costumes.

His last, monumental work is still underway. Arcabas felt he could not admire the finished one. These are the 24 stained glass in the Basilica of Sacré Coeur of Grenoble, designed by the artist and made by master Verrier, Christophe Berthier.

But it is until Saint Hugues-de-chartreuse in the small church became a museum that the funeral of Arcabas will celebrate Tuesday 28 August at. 11:00.

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