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Aisne: a pregnant woman killed by dog ​​bites during a walk in the forest

The body of a young woman, about thirty years old, was found Saturday afternoon on a path of the forest in Retz, in Saint-Pierre-Aigle Municipality (Aisne), reports Union

The first investigation by the forensic scientist, who was called on the scene, revealed that dog bites were the cause of death for this woman who took a walk in this forest with her dog.

An autopsy will be conducted this Monday to confirm these observations and determine the type and number of animals involved in the death of the 1


During his ride, the victim would have called his husband to ask for help. The man was in his workplace and would have been there as quickly as possible. On a forest path, he would have made the terrible discovery.

A hunt was held in the forest

A gendarmerie survey is conducted to determine whether this tragedy is related or not to a hunt that took place in this state forest at the time of the body's discovery

Other hypotheses, such as the attack of one or several stray dogs or of his own animal are also considered by the investigators.

"No track is kept or privileged at the moment," Prosecutor Soissons said. "It is the many technical studies that make it possible to determine the origin of these bites. The size of the mouth, the presence of hair … are among the elements that investigators will study.

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