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A rain of shooting stars is expected in the sky tonight

Every year in August, the shooting stars of Perseids can be observed in the sky. This year, the peak is planned night to Wednesday 12 August to Thursday 13 August.

“They give the impression of coming from the constellation Perseus, hence their name, explains Serge Castelbou, president of the Millau Astronomy Club. In reality, it is the earth’s motion that gives this impression: every year, our planet encounters grains of dust in its orbit released by the comet Swift-Tuttle. This intersects the Earth’s orbit every 120 years. “

This Wednesday, the phenomenon will therefore be at its maximum intensity, from sunset to moonrise, approximately at “In theory, we always see a little more after midnight, when the sky is very dark, adds Serge Castelbou. When the moon is up, only the brightest are visible. “

20 stars per hour

A maximum of 120 shooting stars per hour is expected. “It’s obvious that these are still estimates, because the phenomenon of shooting stars is very random., tempts Serge Castelbou. And then with the naked eye we do not see them all. “

But thanks to their high frequency, everyone has a good chance of seeing them, provided they are in good observation conditions. You have to move from the city to be in a pretty dark place, far from light pollution, details Serge Castelbou. For example, you just have to go to Larzac, lie on the grass and wait. Basically, if you have not seen one within fifteen or twenty minutes, you have closed your eyes! “

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