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Foxes that attacked several people in N.J. was rabid, says the district

A fox that attacked several people in Essex County last week tested positive for rabies, officials said Wednesday.

Police killed the fox after it bit three people and attempted to attack an officer Friday in Glen Ridge, according to neighborhoods

"The fox is known to have had direct contact with at least four individuals," the city police said in a statement on Social Media.

Everyone who had direct contact with a red fox around November 1

4 and Nov. 15 should seek immediate medical attention, says a joint statement from police and health departments. All pets that were in contact with the fox were also invited to contact a veterinarian.

"Rabies is a deadly disease that with 100% fast treatment is 100% controllable but without a quick treatment becomes a deadly disease. Therefore, it is necessary to receive prompt treatment after a bite or exposure to saliva in an infected animal, "said the district's statement.

" Keep in mind that other animals may have been exposed to this fox and may also develop rabies, including raccoons, skunks and free-roaming cats, ”according to the statement. "Should there be an immediate concern that an animal is exhibiting abnormal behavior, contact the Glen Ridge Police Department."

Officials responded at 9:15 a.m. Friday to an area near Woodland Avenue on a report of a person bit by a red fox, according to police. At the same time that two other people felt that they were being attacked.

"There were five reported attacks, three of which resulted in bite-related injuries," Lt. Timothy Faranda, Glen Ridge Police Department spokesman, said in an email Monday. "All three victims have been taken to local hospitals for treatment."

Anyone with questions can call Glen Ridge Health Representative at 973-680-4024.

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