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Fox Valley takes a deep snowfall

Fox Valley, Wis. (WBAY TV) Fox Valley is covered in deep snow with the snowy snow of the weekend.

In Omro, a group had a driveway for the second time since the storm began.

"Our mass was even broken this morning, so we have nothing better to do without moving snow and thanking God," said Joe Benoit of Omro.

His son, Calvin Benoit, was out there to help shovel.

"I usually get a reward," says Calvin.

What is that reward?

"Five dollars and a soda, a combo so I think it was a good deal," Calvin said.

At UW Oshkosh, there was comradeship as beginner Cry Peplinski helped shoot a car stuck.

"Feel good, do some good deeds here," said Peplinski.

But the students Action 2 News was not happy about the big snowfall

"It's awful, it's April and it's so much snow, that's so bad," said Liliana Lazo, UW Oshkosh graduate student.

Lazo says in Virginia, it was 80 degrees and the snowstorm is not a good recipe for motivation.

"I feel it does not give anyone a motivation to even leave the dorms," ​​Lazo said. "So it's only bad timing really if it's snowing. I do not want to go to class, it's snowing. I do not want to do any homework, I just want to go to bed."

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