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Four commercial ships sabotaged "near UAE waters," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The obvious sabotage took place near UAE's territorial waters in Oman Bay, east of Fujairah's emirate, said the country's foreign ministry and international cooperation Sunday.

The Ministry did not elaborate on the alleged saboteur's character or gave any indication as to who could be responsible, including whether it was performed by individuals or a larger group or country.

Two Saudi Arabian oil tankers were involved in the incident, the state said in the state Saudi press office on Monday, referring to Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih.

While the Agency did not mention accidents or oil spills, it said there had been "significant damage to the structure of the two vessels."

The UAE Ministry said the authorities cooperated with local and international bodies to investigate the incident as it described as a "dangerous development". It said there were no injuries or deaths.

"The international community must take its responsibility to prevent some parties from trying to undermine the safety and security of maritime traffic," the ministry said.

The tensions have risen in the oil-rich region in recent weeks the deployment of a growing number of US military assets to the Middle East due to worsening relations with Iran.

The alleged event came less than 24 hours after the UAE government denied reports claiming that seven oil tankers were involved in an explosion in Fujairah's port on Sunday morning, first borne by Lebanon's satellite channel pro-Hezbollah Al-Mayadeen.

The news was later raised by Iran's state Press TV and other outlets.

"The operations in the port are as usual, say a statement from the Emirates News Agency on Sunday." Media withdrawals must be responsible and rely on official sources. " The Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea.

The US Energy Information Administration calls the Hormuz section "the world's most important oil transport choke point", with an estimated 20% of the oil band trade worldwide moving through the channel, which is about 30 miles wide at its narrowest [1

9659002] According to the Saudi Arabian press office, the two ships had intended to cross into the Gulf of Persia. "One of the two ships was about to be loaded with Saudi Arabian crude from Ras Tanura port, which was to be delivered to Saudi Arabia's US customers. ", the agency announced Monday.

In a statement Sunday, the Gulf Cooperation Council condemned the" sabotage "with the General Secretariat of the Council Re, Abdul Latif bin Rashid al-Zayani, who called the event a "dangerous escalation (it) speaks of the evil intentions" to the one who practiced the attack.

"The Secretary-General calls on the international community and the international maritime organizations to exercise their policies and legality to stop all sides trying to damage the security or shipping of this strategic part to the world," read the statement.

"These irresponsible acts only contribute to the tension and conflict in the region and jeopardize the interests of their peoples."

CNN's Mohammed Elshamy and Karen Smith of Atlanta and Nada AlTaher of Abu Dhabi contributed to this article.

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