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Fortnite's New Close Encounters Mode now lives after being disabled

Fortnite Last Time Limit Mode has been temporarily postponed. Shortly after the close-event event, Epic Games announced on Twitter that a problem was detected and the mode disabled on all platforms – PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS – while the developer investigated it. Update: Close meetings are now alive.]

Close meetings were released to be the second new time-limited mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale this week, followed by Solid Gold v2 began with the release of the 4.2 content update. In contrast to Solid Gold, Close Encounters mode focuses on close quarter combat and contains only shotguns and the recently added jetpacks.

Epic has not provided details about the unspecified problem discovered in Close Encounters, and noted that the mode has been removed from rotation while it works to resolve the issue. Similarly, the developer did not announce a timeframe for when close meetings will return in the game.

Meanwhile, players can still participate in the aforementioned Solid Gold v2 which will still be available in rotation for a limited time. Like the previous iteration of the situation, each weapon falls into Solid Gold of the legendary variety, and some things like Chug Jug, Launchpad and Special Grenades spawn more often.

On top of jetpacks, Epic has recently added a new set of weekly issues for Battle Pass owners. You can check out our guide on managing the challenges of the week. In addition, the developer recently outlined some of the new features and content on the way to Fortnite, including a Playground mode that has respawns and friendly fire. Fortnite will also have a presence at E3 201


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