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Formerly White Sox ace Chris Sale comfortably in its new digger

Chris Sale has been away from South Side for more than one season now, and now Boston feels like home for the former White Sox essence.

"The longer you are somewhere, the more comfortable you will be." Sales said Friday night in Red Sox clubhouse after losing to White Sox 1-0 despite a star achievement. "

" Of course, you only learn the boys a little better, get to know the staff and the ballpark. You do not need to "google" how to get to the field anymore so it's nice.

"" I enjoy it. We have the best team in baseball right now. Can not really complain about it. Top to bottom is about winning. You must respect it. And you have to appreciate it. I love it. "

The sale does not know if he will be in Boston in the long run yet, so he has not bought a house. Red Sox has an additional election in 201

9 on the lawful contract he signed with White Sox, and then he will finally, to get his big payday as a free agent.

White Sox may also talk to him about returning

Do not hold your breath, but who knows?

It will take a few years before we know about Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech were worth the

But so far everyone seems happy with the deal, who kicked off the White Sox remodeling and helped Red Sox become a dominant team.

On his return to Fenway Park, Moncada was not for sentimental.

"It's already in the past," he said. "At that moment, I did not expect to trade but I realized that this is a company. It was a surprise, but I think it was the best thing that could happen to me. Now I'm on a team with a (big) bunch of guys and I charge I'm this team and my family. "

Moncada is still unfaithful, with another two Fridays giving him 81 in 53 matches. He strikes .237 after struggling in the last month, but Sox is happy with his development and believes he will be an All Star-caliber player rather than later.

After all the hype about being the best view in majors, Moncada must turn off all the talk and just be himself.

"We talk a lot about noise, and that's a part of the noise that lives up to the 24-hour cycle of information left to the players, "manager Rick Renteria said." He manages it as well as any customer. They are like all young people who live in today's modern age of information and awareness.

"They like their likes and they want to know why someone dislikes them. They try to handle it with lots of mercy and integrity. They learn to hope as soon as possible There is a perspective to keep in mind so they are consumed Not all………….. "1965," It's just like anything, deal with boos and you handle applause. Keep it balanced. Everyone judges you daily what you do and do not. He will always want to do well. When he is not doing well he wants to know why. He wants to try to figure it out, but he has a fairly balanced approach. It will continue to improve. "

At the same time, Kopech has hit a small speed fighter in Charlotte, where his payroll is 4.70 after Friday's performance. He knocked out 10 in six innings while allowing only two runs but also went five.

Kevan Smith , who caught Kopech in Triple-A Charlotte, said he got a "mass of silly swings" on a curveball he has begun to throw.

"He just needs to trust his stuff and start believing what he has and control the strike zone" "said Smith." I tell him every day, "Try to take something from every start you can learn. Do not just be a thrower. Not just see us put down a sign and throw it. Understand why we throw that pitch. "

" "Kopey" develops. Sometimes I forget he's only 22 years old. We must all keep it in perspective. He's definitely on the right track. "

Considering Change

With strikeouts, walks and home plans that dominate the game, Commissioner Rob Manfred suggests that changes are necessary to add more crimes.

Failing contact is overwhelming sometimes, and no crime does not mean tension in some fans.

The National League average was .244 heading into the weekend, while the American league struck .248. NL had 351 more strikes than hits (7 977 to 7 626), while AL had only 34 more hits than strikeouts (7 878 ​​to 7 844), even with a DH instead of pots.

"It's more than just a pace" Manfred told MLB Network. "We have seen the easiest way to clean up, but action in the game is very important, the time between balls in play is something we look hard at, and I talked to (player union boss) Tony Clark and would like to open a dialogue with players about exactly how we play the game in the field. "

Manfred seemed to suggest that they could do something about defensive shift, a problem he complained about when he first started working. Manfred was talked by management that time, but he still considers changing a problem.

"Many of us had the perception that the players would adjust, they would learn to take advantage of it," he said. "But it just seems like they've adjusted another way by choosing to take over the shift. It's tough with change of rules – you never know how people react to it."

"People talk and ask about the strike zone and There has been a (question with) much discussion. But what always worries me is when you get people who have played the game for a long time who know more about playing the game than I do. You ask them about a certain change in the strike zone. A smart guy says one thing and another smart guy says exactly the opposite. It makes you nervous about making a change because it is unpredictable. "

Major League owners will meet Wednesday and Thursday in New York, and without doubt Manfred will express his concerns.

But knee changes are rarely a good solution, and Cub's boss Joe Maddon said he hopes that MLB leaves the rules alone.

Asked if he could imagine one day when defensive shifts are banned, Maddon said: "I hope not. I think that the biggest change that needs to be done is the method of teaching to beat and maybe even compensation to meet. Significant about just the home plan is compensated, then it's all you will get guys who want to do.

Maybe if you move the ball, compensate more (for) more, maybe (if) just do not knock out so much is compensated for maybe (if) moving a runner 90 meters compensated for …

"After all, around if you tell guys you are paid for home rush or strikeouts for the pots, they will try to kill boys and the other guy will try to beat home runs. … I believe in organic change. When teams or organizations get tired of all these strikeouts, they will learn another method. And I think it is (currently) attributable to the elevated philosophy and the guys try to lift the ball into the air.

"They exclude each other. You can not only do these things at the same time with a good result, especially for the hitter … There are different methods to combat this, but if pots continue to throw so hard, and I think they should, and analyzes really only benefit pitching and only defense …

"So everything tricks against the hitter, including the method that is learned learns about baseball. So organic change, it must happen in smaller leagues. It must happen at a younger age." [19659002] Maddon said he heard kids in youth leagues talk about launch angles and exit speeds driving him nuts.

"Wow, that's such a bad method," he said.

Three up

Javier Baez: Cub's other baseman started the weekend bound for third in the majors with 46 RBIs, increasing chances for the first All-Star election.

JD Martinez: Released by Astros during spring training of 2014, now best slugger in the game with Major League-leading 20 homers, 52 RBIs.

Jean Segura: Making up for the absence of PED- [19659021] Three down

Joey Gallo: With leading 90 strikeouts in 63 games, Rangers slugger has shot breaking Mark Reynolds all-

Miguel Rojas: Marlin's infielder has based on a doubleship as a leading league leading 14 times, eight more than in 2017.

Scott Kingery: Phillies shortstop has not only minus-0.3 WAR;

The list

Lowest outcome, 10 or more home runs (Thursday):

Players HR K-percent

Micha El Brantley 10 8.6 [19659002] Jose Ramirez 19 10.6

Mookie Betts 17 11.7

Anthony Rizzo 10 11.8

Manny Machado 18 13.9

Factor Control

The only team in the majors to be closed Out are Yankees. Blue Jay pitchers held them pointless for 12 innings Wednesday but they scored three runs in 13 th inning. Yankees were shut out three times in 2017, second lowest to Twins (2).


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