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Former teammate wonders how Cam Newton will handle Bill Belichick

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Kyle Love spent his first three years in New England, before eventually going to Carolina to be part of a team that Cam Newton led to a Super Bowl.

And while Love thinks Newton’s arrival in New England has big promises, he’s also unsure of how it will work, as the demands from coach Bill Belichick are different from what Newton has experienced in Charlotte.

“Being a professional in New England is different from being a professional in Carolina. It’s a completely different ball game, “Love told Andrew Callahan Boston Herald. Bill wants things to go a certain way, wants things to be practiced a certain way and said a certain way in the classroom and in the media.

“New England is not for everyone. Every player who does not fit comes there physically or mentally. “

Specifically, Love wondered how Newton would handle Belichick’s willingness to omit all players for a mistake, as he was known for going to town on Tom Brady to prove to a team that no one was above constructive criticism. It’s not necessarily something Newton had to endure under former coach Ron Rivera, according to Love.

“This is just my opinion, but I do not feel that Cam can take the pressure off coaches who talk about his game. “If he had a bad game in Carolina, the coaching staff would not say much to him because they might have felt that he could be a little scared of it or maybe trut,” Love said. “They never really corrected to the point Bill used to correct Tom.”

Love was careful to say that he admired Newton’s work ethic and his ability to change that could be improved in New England. And he’s also heard that Belichick may have melted a little.

“I’ve heard (Belichicks) change since I was there,” Love said. “That he is a bit open, relaxes more and is not as strict as when I played. . . .

My fear is, can Cam fit in their box? Because I want Cam to win. I want Cam to succeed. I want to see him win games and even a championship, because I love that guy. I just hope he can do it within the guidelines of what Bill wants. “

The first question will remain about Newton’s health, after battling foot and shoulder injuries during his recent years in Carolina. But the dynamics between the game’s top coach and such a singular talent will be fascinating to see as the season progresses.

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