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Former Spurs Guard Parker says he has no problem with Leonard

Tony Parker has no problem with former San Antonio Spurs team-mate Kawhi Leonard.

The 36-year-old Parker agreed to leave Spurs after 1

7 seasons and sign a two-year $ 10million contract with Charlotte Hornets.

Parker told ESPN after his departure, he never felt excited about his former teammate.

"I have no problem with Kawhi Leonard," said Parker.

"We never had an argument."

Leonard demanded a trade out of San Antonio after being restricted to only nine matches 2017-18 due to a injured right quad. He had a tense relationship with Spurs throughout his rehab process.

Parker said in March that he suffered a similar injury to Leonard but his was "100 times worse". These comments were Leonard's "last straw" with Spurs, according to a recently reported ESPN report.

Parker said Friday that his words were taken out of context.

"I said yes because it was true." Parker said to ESPN.

"But it did not diminish the importance of his injury. He took over the franchise and I freed the torch freely."

"It's very sad that the media took a quote and made it sound like I did not want to play with him. He was the face of the franchise."

The spurs have reportedly spoken to Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers about a possible shop for Leonard.

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