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Former NYPD commissioner warns NYC will become a much more dangerous city

Former New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir told “Your World” Friday that those who remain at Occupy City Hall protest despite New York City Council’s approval of a $ 1 billion cut by the New York Police Department “do not want security.”

“This is a group that wants anarchy …” Safir told host Neil Cavuto. “In fact, the cuts that have been made will be real.”

“They may not be … a billion dollars, but they will reduce the number of police on the street. The police retire with the record amount. Response time will go down,” Safir added.

“You abolished the anti-crime unit, which was 600 plainclothes officers who prevented crime. Uniformed officers respond to crime. Plainclothes officers prevent crime from happening. So it will be a much more dangerous city.”


Sapphire criticized New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for checking out protests and for the city’s decline during his administration.


“Mayor de Blasio inherited … the safest big city in America, a thriving economy. And everything is going in the wrong direction because he’s the leading cause of what’s happening in New York,” Safir said. “What happens is he doesn’t support the police. He supports the protesters. You know what he’s talking about? Having social workers and healthcare professionals answer 911 calls without police. It’s ridiculous.”

The former police commissioner also warned that unless things went wrong, he might not recommend that people become police in the current circumstances.


“I would never, ever think that I would recommend that someone is not a police officer unless things turn around. Police are not only putting themselves at risk every day, as they have done for hundreds of years, but now with what is happening in this country they their families and their financial survival, says Sapphire.

“District attorneys in some of these progressive cities and attorney generals are looking for more to accuse police than accuse violent protesters and insurgents. It’s a ridiculous thing.”

“And you know, with the Fourth of July, we will celebrate the fact that these people have the freedom to protest, but they do not have the freedom to plunder and vandalize,” Safir added. “And as in Seattle, kill people.”

Fox News’ Greg Norman contributed to this report.

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