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Former kidnapping survivors speak out

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By Elizabeth Chuck

They made headlines for the darkest reasons, then again for an unlikely event: escape, months or years after they were kidnapped. 1

9659007] When news broke Thursday, Jayme Closs, the Wisconsin teenager who had been missing since October, was found to live, Closs joined with a group of kidnapped survivors who got a new chance for life.

But she shouldn't expect it to be the same

Michelle Knight is sitting for an interview on Megyn Kelly on April 30. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Elizabeth Smart, the Utah woman who was held for nine months at the age of 14, told NBC News that she was "so excited" to hear that Jayme had been found.

Found at the knife point from his bedroom in Salt Lake City in 2002, Smart said that during her captivity, she felt as if "life had been stolen from me, all dreams and aspirations had been stolen."

"When I , I suddenly felt everything that had been back, and I did not want to miss any of it, and I just hope and ask that Jayme feel the same way, said Smart, now 31.

For Michelle Knight, 37 who was one of three women chained to a Cleveland house for years by rapist Ariel Castro-Knight held for 11 years – Jayme's flight brought back memories of her own first days of captivity.

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