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Former Democratic Sen. David Boren accused of sexually assaulting male student

F ormer Democratic Sen. David Boren, D-Okla., Is accused of sexually assaulting a student from the University of Oklahoma while Drilling was the university's president. Boren, 77, who served as Oklahoma governor and U.S. Pat. Senator prior to becoming president of the University of Oklahoma, is accused by Jess Eddy, now 29, or inappropriately touching and kissing him nearly a decade ago. In the complaint, Eddy, who served as Boren's teaching assistant, claims Boren had interacted with him inappropriately on multiple occasions during his time at the University of Oklahoma.

In fact, Atlanta University-based law firm Jones Day to investigate if Boren had sexually assaulted Eddy. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has investigated the allegations against Drilling.

NonDoc, an Oklahoma City-based journalism and media site, reported Tuesday on the allegations made by Eddy. He was responsible for the non-sexual advances on school premises, including certain inappropriate interactions between the two.

On one occassion, Eddy says Boren drove him to a nearby liquor store and gave him a $ 1

00 bill Eddy says Boren duty him to "get something for yourself."

Drilling has denied all allegations. His personal lawyer, Clark Brewster, told the Associated Press the allegations put forward by Eddy don't match the statements submitted to himself and to the university. Eddy said in previous statements he did not recall inappropriate behavior at Drilling.

"Mr. Eddy was carefully examined, asked about anything that he had ever witnessed or had experienced and not only said that didn't occur, but he gave specific factual detail as to why it couldn't have been true, ”Brewster said.

Brewster said Boren mentored Eddy on general things related to his education and his career ambitions but had the same kind of relationship with Eddy he would with any other student or subordinate.

"He would know him but not very well," Mr. Brewster said.

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