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For $ 8,990, is this 1989 Ford Bronco II too good to be true?

Nice price or crackIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

There is a new Bronco that is losing tonight, but who has the cash – or the slope – to buy a New Year’s model? Spring Nice price or crack The Bronco II is the grandfather of the new truck and is considerably cheaper. Let’s see if it’s cheap enough.

It is human nature to seek redress for an perceived deficiency. Whether a picture hangs over that crack in the wall, or a balding rock star’s ever-present cap, we seem to mask or minimize embarrassing aesthetic flaws. Failure to do so paints us as self-giving, or worse, harmful forgetting.

I would say that there is no such perceived flaw in the design of Honda’s classic S2000 sports car. Its minimalistic lines and narrow dimensions feel right from almost every angle. That is why it is surprising to see so many people piling on the car with bodywork, spoilers and crazy accessories.

We saw an example of this last Friday. The 2000 Honda S2000 we were looking at had a wide fendered body and wide wheels to fill the extended arches. A number of other questionable locations – fixed rail seats, a wheel without airbag among them – questioned the car’s total value in its non-share state. A asking price of $ 12,500 seemed to recognize these challenges – many layers of s2Kis go for a little more – but that doesn’t seem to be enough for many of you. In the end, the car fell into a decisive 75 percent Crack Pipe loss, which I would say was a pretty bad result.

So Ford is debuting a new Bronco tonight. In fact, the company will introduce a whole bunch of Broncos in an online event later this afternoon. Oh, spoiler alert! Based on the teasers the company has been running for the past week or so, the models will include both two-door and four-door Broncos with removable roof sections and a Bronco Sport that is more crossover than an off-roader.

With the upcoming introduction, I’ve been flooded with emails and Twitter twats asking “you should do a Bronco for NPOCP on Monday, right?” I have imagined these representations accompanied by an aggressive nod and a few thumbs up from the enjoiner’s side.


Here’s the thing: the prices of the OG Broncos long ago jumped aboard the crazy train. The other gene trucks, though cheaper, are also pretty nuts if you’re not okay with something that gives you lockjaw the first time you work with it. Also, meh to these guys. You never get the idea of ​​OJ’s tears from them.

That’s why I decided not to focus on Bronco’s ancestor but on Bronco Sport. Yes, it may be Ford Escape, but we will ignore what was currently there and go back to an even older truck line. Let’s look at a Bronco cast that seems to have a lot to do while we’re at it.

That candidate is this one 1989 Ford Bronco II XLT. It comes to us from Big Easy and with only 81,000 miles on the clock. Not only that but with the 2.9-liter Cologne V6, five-speed stick and 4WD, it is also equipped in probably the best way.

Bronco II was based on the Ranger pickup platform and came on the market at the same time as Ford’s small truck. The small SUV had a relatively short lifespan, but did not last even a full decade as security issues and the imminent release of the surpassing Explorer spelled their downfall.

In between, it served as a solid, a tippy reminder of Ford’s dedication to the domestic truck market.

This is said to have had only two owners, none of whom have ever let the truck enjoy the mud. The ad claims that the Cabernet colored truck is in “EXCELLENT CONNECTIONS” and completely stainless. It has both towing mirrors and a receiver that can be used for towing easily. The fuel injected V6 handles only 140 horsepower and 170 kilo-feet of torque so don’t plan on any tow hooks with Tesla or anything.

The ad notes a number of new parts but does not describe exactly what they may be. A / C is said to work well and shows what looks like new hoses on the compressor.

The interior seems to be in good shape and is filled with lovely ruby ​​red fur upholstery and complementary plastic trim. The five-speed gets a ziggurat luggage with the transmission gear lever next to it gets a slower snood. Manual windows and locks ensure a less fiddly owner experience and no doubt a much appreciated upper body exercise.

The title is clean, which indicates that it is probably not a Katrina car, and the seller says there is no rush to the sale.

This lack of attitude can only extend to the price. The asking is $ 8,990 and it’s nowhere near what a new Bronco Sport will bring you back, but it’s still a pretty penny for a 30-year-old Bronco with an II at the end of its name.

That’s not to say it’s not a good deal. There’s a lot to like here. Also, this is a “Bronco” so you get to play that game during a news cycle. What happens when the fur over the new Bronco has faded? Will this II prove to be a solid daily driver or at least an engaging weekend? If any of these are true, can you see paying $ 8,990 for the opportunity?

You decide!

New Orleans, LA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H / T to Matthew Derieg for the connection!

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