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Foo Fighters & # 39; Dave Grohl chugs beer, falls off stage in recent concert

Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl tried to be cool on stage at a new concert just for the moment to be immediately undercut by a spill from the stage.

In a video published in Instagram by a concert daughter, Grohl can be seen as going to the side of the stage while she continues to play guitar. He draws attention to someone standing outside the camera who gives him a candlelight.

Grohl tries to place beer on a speaker so he can try to drink it while his hands are busy on guitar. However, he flushes a little bit of the drink over the speaker before throwing caution to the wind, picking up the jar and chewing it down.

The fans cheered on the rock-n-roll movement itself, but soon became troubled. Grohl took a few steps back to continue playing with his band cameras when he lost his balance and fell off the stage. Fortunately, the security guards were in a position to stand him back and get him back on the stage where he continued to play as if nothing had happened. The cradle turned out well and even made a light jog back to its normal position to finish the show.

Even though the beer shading incident happened without any real injury, Diehard knows fans are keeping an eye on Grohl when it comes to scenes.

In 201

5, he performed with the band in Sweden when he fell off a 12-figure error and broke his leg in front of a massive audience. He would later tell The Sun in 2017 that he not only snapped his leg, but tore and shifted all the ligaments. To his credit, the knife ran through the pain and gave his word that he would return to finish the concert. After going to backstage and attending a doctor, he somehow went back and ended the show while sitting in a chair.

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