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Florida State football coach Mike Norvell says the team is on the “same side” despite the WR’s concerns

Florida State coach Mike Norvell said his team “is on the same page” a day after a trio of recipients took to Twitter, offering concerns about testing and openness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Norvell was deep in his response to questions about Thursday’s social media posts, which came from Tamorrion Terry, DJ Matthews and Warren Thompson. Norvell said he has not spoken to any of these players about their concerns.

Cindy Rewis, Terry’s guardian, also tweeted on Thursday asking for more transparency from Norvell, and she said on Friday that she has not heard anything from the coach.

In a Twitter post, Thompson said: “It has been shown to myself and the rest that our leadership is based on an ̵

6;I’ mentality with those who are only worried about their own future rather than their own athletes … I have been ridiculous to talk about this issue and it has to be addressed to myself to safely continue the season. “

Norvell denied the allegations on Thursday, saying the program had been open and followed all necessary protocols.

Recipients tweeted their concerns during Florida State Thursday practice. Shortly after the exercise ended, many other Seminoles took to social media to express their support for the program, including stars such as cornerback Asante Samuel, defensive end Joshua Kaindoh and defensive tackle Marvin Wilson.

“We want people to have their own voice on social media. We want people to express their own opinions,” Seminole’s narrow-minded Camren McDonald said. “Now, with that said, I feel like guys will need to police themselves more and just really sit back and think about what they want to say on social media. If you really want to say it and you stand by it, then everything means, go ahead and post that … I do not think we’re going to the police’s social media or trying to silence people. “

“I feel confident about what FSU Football is doing for us through this pandemic and keeping us safe,” Wilson tweeted.

Earlier this summer, Wilson threatened to boycott a player when Norvell misrepresented talks he had with the team after George Floyd was killed while in police custody.

Norvell admitted that he had made a mistake then, but he was much tougher on Thursday in the wake of Thompson’s criticism.

“The integrity of how we work, I stand by it every day,” Norvell said.

Norvell was specifically asked why he had not reached out to Thompson and whether he had targeted his team as a whole after the allegations.

“I say this team is on the same page, that’s where I leave it,” he said.

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