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Florida city resumes beaches after two apparent shark attacks

"The water will be open again this morning. Ocean Rescue will remain high alert and will continue to monitor the water," said the city on its Twitter page Saturday – which only happened to Shark Awareness Day.

city fire brigade said it received a report on the first event at 3:35 pm ET Friday. Three minutes later, when attending the first victim, the department received a report on a second biting event. The city then closed the beaches to swim.

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The city did not give details about the victims, but CNN affiliate WJXT said that a 30-year-old man was bitten by foot and a 17-year-old boy was bitten, also on foot, five minutes later about a mile away.

"Both patients are reportedly stable, with life-threatening injuries," said the fire department in a press release. "Neither the patient could advise on the type or size of the marine life that had caused their respective injuries."

WJXT interviewed the first bite victim, identified as Dustin Theobald in Fernandina Beach, at Baptist Medical Center Nassau, where he recovered. [19659002] "I was in 2 feet of water or less and lay on my stomach watching (only my 8 year old son) just played in the fire and I felt some grip on my foot and pulling," he said.

"I went down to my foot. I put my hand on his head – probably 4 to 5 meters long – and when I did, he shook twice and when I did, he let go and left." [19659009] Theobold told the TV station that he may have a late injury and has 4-inch lacerations at the top and bottom of his foot.

WFXT, referring to Fernandina Beach Fire Department, said the 17-year-old was taken to a Jacksonville hospital with puncture wounds on the foot. He did not see what was him, WFXT said.

Fernandina Beach, Florida's northernmost municipality, is located on Amelia Island on the Atlantic coast.

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