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Flat-Earthers organizes a massive cruise and the hypocrisy is just too much

By 2020, we will be giving us a new decade, a US presidential election and a cruise for people who believe the earth is flat.

Although the details are currently thin on the ground, the cruise of the plate is the Earth International Conference, and promises to be "the greatest, boldest, best adventure yet".

Yes, we can hope that the people who crew the boat are not flat grounders either – otherwise navigation can be a bit difficult.

 greatest boldest adventure than (FEIC)

"Ships navigates based on the principle that the earth is round," explained Henk Keijer, a former cruise ship captain and a forensic maritime expert to Adam Gabbatt at The Guardian .

"Nautical maps are designed considering that the earth is round."

Today, ships use GPS ( Global Positioning System) and the latest in electronic navigation equipment.

A modern navigation system, called ECDIS, an electronic chart display and information system, greatly enhances navigation safety, 2012 University of Southern Mississippi Hydrographer explained in an interview with NPR.

"It automatically plots the position of the e-ship … with GPS."

So someone has told the platooners that GPS can set your position – and thereby keep a cruise on the course – thanks to a network of satellites that orbit the earth?

The Internet has had a field day with the news of this boat trip, and to be honest we really cannot blame them – it is a hilarious concept.

According to Flat Earth Wiki but (yes it is one thing) potential holiday makers should not worry about falling from the planet on Earth – instead the Antarctic barrier should stop them before they comes to the edge.

"The earth is in the form of a disc with the north pole in the middle and Antarctica as a wall around the edge," explains Wiki. [19659002] Let's just ask them to explain how the country they are traveling to will rise from below the horizon.

In fact, thinking about it, without modern navigation or GPS, they can be out there for a long time. Hmmmm.

And if you wonder what could possibly be learned at a flat Earther convention, a researcher recently took this litter.

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