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First child tests positive for COVID-19 in St. Clair County

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ill. – The first child tested positive for COVID-19 in St. Clair County, Illinois.

St. The Clair County Emergency Management Agency announced its latest coronavirus information via facebook live on Saturday.

The child who tested positive is a man under 10 years.

The county also announced that it has tested 560 inhabitants, with 78 tests positive. It’s up from nine from Friday. There are still 139 tests waiting, and three people in the county have died so far.

Here’s how the nine new cases break down by age:

– A man under 10

– A rooster in the 50̵


– A cock in the 70s

– Two women in their 30s

– Two women in the 50’s

– A woman in the 60’s

– A woman in the 70’s

In the state of Illinois, there are currently 10,357 positive cases. This is an increase of 1,453 since Friday. There have also been 243 deaths, an increase of 33 since Friday.

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