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Fire danger causes Nissan to recall more than 450,000 vehicles

Nissan Logo ( Photo by Indranil Aditya / NurPhoto via Getty Images )

1; Nissan recalls over 450,000 vehicles worldwide over because a leak of brake fluid can cause them to catch fire.

Due to the fire risk, the company urges the owners to park the vehicles outdoors and away from structures if the accessory brake lights turn on for more than 10 seconds. [19659008] The recall, detailed in documents published on Friday by the US government, covers the Nissan Murano SUV from 2015 to 2018, and Maxima sedans from 2016 to 2018. In addition, the Infiniti QX60 and Nissan Pathfinder SUVs from 2017 to 2019. most are in the US and Canada.

Nissan states that an antilock brake actuator pump can leak fluid on a circuit board and cause electric shorts and fires.

Documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not say if there had been fires or injuries in vehicles covered by the latest recall. A Nissan spokeswoman said she would investigate the matter, and messages were left seeking information from the NHTSA.

It is Nissan's third recall for the same problem and the company continues to expand the number of models concerned. About 120,000 US vehicles were recalled in 2016, and Nissan issued a recall for 215,000 in 2018. A fire in a Maxima 2016 affected the first recall, according to government records. In both previous recalls, Nissan dealers inspected the vehicles but only replaced some of the pumps.

Dealers will now replace the pumps on all vehicles. Notices telling the owners of the security risk will be sent on December 2. Parts are available for vehicles with illuminated brake lights.

The owners will receive a new message next summer when additional parts are available.

In a statement Friday, Nissan said that a seal in the pump could leak brake fluid on an electronic control board. In rare cases, the leaks can cause an electrical failure, the company said.

If the brake light warning lamp remains lit, vehicles should be parked outside and owners should contact Nissan or Infiniti Road Assistance to have them towed to a dealer for repairs.

"Nissan Group is committed to the safety, security and satisfaction of our customers and their passengers," the statement said.

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