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Finding The Right Movers: Avoiding Mistakes and Keeping Your Belongings Safe


When it comes to moving, there are a lot of matters that need to be handled. Your entire life is taken apart, packed, trekked from your old home to a new one, unpacked, and put into place. Through all of that you need to take care of handling other moving-related issues. One issue you don’t want to worry about is the moving company you chose taking care of their job properly. Picking the right moving company can seem a daunting task, but it’s not as hard as people think. The internet has made finding and hiring the right company easier than ever, though word of mouth is still a valuable asset.


  • Word of Mouth


Asking for recommendations from friends and family who have used moving companies is a good start. Even in the age of the internet word of mouth is a powerful force, and companies are aware of this fact. A good customer experience sticks with people, and so does a bad one. Google is filled with reviews praising and condemning companies for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Still, starting with people you know can help trim down what would otherwise be a long list of potential hires. Their situation may not have been the same as yours, but for narrowing down the list, asking around is a good start.


  • The Internet


Once you have a shortened list, comparing prices and reviews on the internet get’s a lot easier. Comparing companies on the internet is a lot easier once you have a shorter list based on budget, reviews, and of course whether or not the company can handle the move from where you are to where you are going. Smaller companies may be local movers only, while others can handle moves from one end of the country to the other. Best long distance movers can be especially tricky to find, so if that’s what you need make sure to check the company website as well. You can’t always trust the company when it comes to performance, but if they say they can move you from California to Florida, that company better be able to do it. What a company says on their site can be a good indication of how professional responsible that company is when it comes to moving.


  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews


Bad reviews can seriously tarnish a company’s reputation. When checking through reviews, make sure to look over the content of the negative reviews as well as what was said in the good reviews. If someone leaves a bad review, did the company respond? What was their response? How a moving company reacts to say, broken furniture, is a good indication of how that company will handle your move if you hire them. Good reviews are important, too; if a company is fast and safe, and consistently praised for how well they handle people’s moves, that’s a good company to consider.


  • Check the Licenses


While hiring a couple guys with a truck might save money in the short term, when it comes to moving your life from one location to another, you want to fire a company you can trust. Checking a company’s licenses, insurance, and bonds are a good idea regardless of the type of company. Insurance is especially important with a moving company, because it will tell you who’s responsible for any damaged belongings. You don’t want any of your possessions to get damaged, but if it happens you do want to know how the company will handle the situation.


  • Get an Estimate


Any company that offers a free estimate is off to a good start. No one likes paying for estimates, but getting one is the next big step in picking a moving company. Price comparison is important for determining your budget and selecting a company that can handle your move, handle your items responsibly and carefully, and do so affordably. Estimates are often the tiebreaker in choosing a company, and a company not willing to provide one is generally not worth considering.


  • Are There Fees?


Some companies like to add fees to their services to hike up the price or to cover costs of materials. Make sure to ask any potential moving company if they have any associated extra fees. For example, if the move is a long one, is there a long distance hauling fee or the like. Asking about fees upfront can not only save you money, it also lets the company know that you know what you’re talking about and can’t be easily exploited.

Picking a moving company, especially a long distance moving company, doesn’t have to be complicated and nerve-wracking. You have enough to worry about during a move, so the company you trust with your belongings shouldn’t be one of them. Ask around for recommendations, check the company websites for licenses and insurance, check their reviews to see how they do, ask for estimates, and ask if there are any fees. Being a savvy shopper is important for any job or service. Picking the right moving company makes sure you have one less thing to worry about while you move.