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Fear The Walking Dead's latest Villain Martha got an extremely unsatisfactory backstory

Spoiler warning for anyone who has not yet looked at Fear the Walking Dead's latest episode.

While the first half of Fear the Walking Dead big villains, eight eight episodes are ruled by the murderous situation of Tonya Pinkins' Martha, formerly known as Filthy Woman. (And earlier I was pumped.) "MM 54" gave Martha a semi-back story that explained her current quest to eliminate good Samaritans and their efforts, and what we learned about her was brave at best and incredibly stupid at worst . Can we go back in time because she's just a random weirdo?

To be fair, the opening mines of the episode were sufficiently effective and showed the viewers Martha's madness was excited by her suspected husband Hank's death, effectively played by a sweaty John Eric Bentley. The two were involved in a car accident that left Hank impaled by a metal barrier, and although he suspected his numbering number, Martha was convinced that someone would come and help them. Her in-shock optimism lasted for many hours, even after she failed to stop the first cars that passed. After eliminating and buried her wizard, here comes all the dirt from – Martha basically loses her crap, and she decided clearly that death clothes should be for everyone who gives help to others. As if she is a personification of the judicial system in Seinfeld 's polarizing final.

And why? As Martha sees, when people get help from others, they clearly lose the ability to do something for themselves. Which apparently is not true for all possible reasons, and it's also a real bizarre takeaway to pull off her car crash, where Hank's serious injuries are likely to need the care of a pre-apocalyptic hospital. What had she not had "help" earlier in life, could she have put him back as if he were clay?

Martha has no reason to blame any other surviving pocket not to pass her car for the least hours before Hank's death, just for giving unusable and painful medical help if they had. And Martha is absolutely fine trying to kill Morgan's crew, even though they were not actually affiliated with the Pervis group, because her murder campaigning probably has no natural or worthy ending without her being killed. Probably of Al, whose truck was stolen and used to harm others.

Martha's psychotic break does not seem to take much time to kick in hardcore, and it's the kind where she shows few symptoms, speaks clearly and immediately accepts guilt for being a killer. She even cops to be a stickler for grammar, which suggests her previous life as an English teacher before breaking a woman through her throat and later using her undead body to start a fatal domino effect. Which can be quite cool in a way about her serial killer M.O. do not be entirely upset by being angry at do-gooders.

Do not get me wrong, I know that real killers and fictional monsters do not need to have extremely complicated and decades of exciting stories to be relevant. But Save Walking Dead Season 4 has barely offered any overall plot strings that seem to be making it to season 5, not to mention killing two of the star stars (for various reasons) and it has had a noticeable impact on the audience who has completely lost his 3-point season and can no longer boast Lennie James's crossover presence to draw the viewers. Perhaps the constant changes are intended to attract new people who had not looked at earlier seasons, but it is a difficult way to go with long-term fans.

If there are any redeeming elements available here, I wonder Fear will go further into Martha's past to show us more about what led to the car crash. Or to show us that her deadly requests had actually occurred earlier in her life. I'm not sure if it would do anything to pull me back on how this episode handled things, but I would be open.

Let's add all this, that every minute proceeded to continue Martha's bastardized revenge is one minute we still do not see Garrett Dillahunt's John Dorie. Where the hell is he? He's better not to be dead is all I say. But it's good with Mr. Beerman to be bitten without creating his perfect pier, although I wish I had a lot after looking at this section.

Fear the Walking Dead has only a few episodes left to set up Season 4's characterististant plot lines, and you can find them on AMC on Sunday nights at 21:00 ET. You can find The Walking Dead which is debuting Season 9 on Sunday, October 7th, and everything else that turns into the small screen will soon be in our autumn's TV premiere schedule.

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