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Fallout 76 players enter the development room, Wooby discovers

It turns out to be a human NPC in Fallout 76. But visiting him can get your account banned.

"Wooby", as he is called, is the only resident of a developer-only room that some players have gained access, possibly in recent weeks. Eurogamer yesterday reported in the room, Wooby and the ban find that some players get as Bethesda seems to try to contain the spread of high-powered items coming from that place.

Fact Fallout 76 ] has a secret room filled with high levels is not much of a surprise. They are found in Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and are usually available on PC with console commands. However, Fallout 76 makes it remarkable that players can break into this room, apparently without using console commands.

Fallout 76 has had problems since launch with subduing exploits and other malfunctions that create a surplus of high-powered objects in the gameplay world. Bethesda Game Studios has attempted to contain the spread of spots, but access to Wooby's rooms is an escalation of this type of threat. Eurogamer reports that players who access the room automatically have their accounts turned off.

They get an email from Bethesda, reprinted at Eurogamer, who discreetly accuses the player of cheating and asking them to write back and explain how they visited the forbidden room. If they do not, the account remains. If they do, Bethesda says it will "conduct an investigation to reach a final decision on the status of this account."

A development room like this is simply a world space where most, if not all of the game's inventory can be found and probably tested. "Wooby" is not someone with any dialogue or mission to give ̵

1; he is more likely a practice for some weapons. A video, then taken down, showed a player who killed Wooby to death; he wears 100 caps and Abraxo.

However, the cache of objects is not only limited to high upswing. Others have found undiluted armor colors, (as Eurogamer also found). This has played the game's subreddits, where commercials that are not delivered to trade have been banned, and discuss or ask for directions on how to enter the room is very frowned on.

Wooby, his test status necessarily revealed portend human NPC for Fallout 76 anytime soon. But surely, this game can implement them, so it's another reminder of what is just a design constraint that has created a story that many Fallout fans have found rotten and lifeless.

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