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Fall Guy’s trolls make the finish line hell

Tell me if you’ve seen this before.

You play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, like everyone else, and the end is in sight for an eternity of jumping around and falling off the stage. You can almost taste your qualification for the next stage. But hey, what is this? A bean-shaped denizon is waiting for you on the horizon and refuses to go over to the big beyond.

You’re getting close. They raise their arms in anticipation. You are caught and thrown aside, like old rubbish. Maybe you fall completely off the stage. Suddenly you have to make the journey over giant moving planks and bulldozing fruits once again. Or worse, you are completely disqualified.

Yes, the mega-popular Mario Party in Battle Royale game seems to be full of trolls who want nothing more than to ruin your day. Usually this manifests itself in random grip on the road, but every so often someone will do so well in one round that they wait near the finish line just to cause more chaos. After all, their victory is for sure ̵

1; why not spice things up a bit?

Several people on Polygon have experienced this troll-y phenomenon, or some version of it. For example, I have seen a number of people just buzzing at the finish line, why the hell not? Based on reactions on social media, it seems that we are not alone in noticing this trend:

Of course, this should not be a surprise – the game to is a giant troll where nothing is ever assured. And the whole purpose of the grip button is without a doubt a lot of fun. But, so often, karma has its way, and in those who thought they would design throughout the lobby get their support because they waited too long. Or sometimes someone managed to kill them. Comfortable.

All this to say, if you see anyone waiting near the end for seemingly no reason, be careful! And if you sown seed of destruction, the gods of RNG may not betray you for your hubris.

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