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Fall Guys is this summer’s moderate game

The latest craze on Twitch is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a game about spicy little critters competing in a series of challenges to become the last bean. It’s a delightful, crazy little game that feels like a mashup of Battle Royale and Nickelodeon Guts.

Each “show” begins with 60 players having to face different challenges to qualify for the next round and continue playing. It only took me one day to try out all of the game’s challenges, but there’s enough variety on day one to keep things interesting, and most of the challenges are pretty easy and entertaining. There are a bunch of obstacle courses and mini-games, including memory matching, football and an egg-hoarding challenge that are basically just Hungry Hungry Hippos. The controls are simple and took me just a few minutes to master; you can just run, jump, dive and grab things.

Fall Guys is a delightful and colorful trifle: the perfect counter-programming for the year 2020. Battle Royale games felt fast and exciting to me, but they have largely become dark and stressful slogans with uncomfortable tempo and too much waiting time. Fall Guys avoid these pitfalls by lowering the stakes, cutting out a lot of waiting time and giving lots of charming and kinetic prisoners. When I fail Fall Guys, I often laugh at myself. If you are disqualified, it is easy to join a new game and start playing again immediately. And even if you qualify for the end, most matches are only about 1

5 minutes from start to finish.

I do not see that the game has the quarantine stay in something similar animal Crossing unless developer Mediatonic adds dozens of challenges to prevent recurrence. (Side note: the company’s overly thirsty presence on social media almost shut me down to the game before I could play it, so get involved with Fall Guys tweets at your own risk.) But for now, at least before Twitch’s most popular streamers ditch it and go back to Call of Duty, Fall Guys is the perfect game for a horrible moment in time.

Fall Guys is $ 19.99 and now available for PC and PS4.

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