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Fake "Russian Soldiers" Guarded Trumps Hollywood Star To Troll President

Has President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star got his own security team? Two men dressed as Russian soldiers watched Trumps Walk of Fame star because it was destroyed last week. But were they sent by the Kremlin or is it just a satirical trolling? Trump's Russian guards are more than likely a smart protest against the President's alleged Russian relations.

The Trumps Walk of Fame star has become a popular place for protests, as an anti-Trump protester took a pickaxe to the public monument early Wednesday morning. But some of Trump's critics made their protests against a true satirical level when they turned out to "protect" remains of Trump's Walk of Fame star while dressed as Russian guards.

The two men were first spotted standing guard at Trumps Destroyed Star on Wednesday. Despite Los Angeles's swelling warmth, the two men were dressed in fur-trimmed ushanka hats and heavy olive-colored knee-length dresses reminiscent of a Soviet officer's uniform. To push the point of protest, the rocky men carried a Russian flag as they stood guard over Trump's Walk of Fame star.

President Trump has come under strong criticism and review for its apparent inadequacy to accept US intelligence agencies reports on Russian election interference. Earlier this month, at a joint press conference in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump said he did not see "any reason" why Russia should stand behind the election and declared that he had accepted Putin's rejection. Trump continued to characterize Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of allegations of cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia as "ridiculous" and a "witch hunt".

Later, the president attempted to return with his statements among rising criticisms claiming that he had tried to use a double negative and had a misspoke. He claimed he meant to say, "I see no reason why it would not be Russia."

But Trump continued to issue a series of confusing and often contradictory remarks about his thoughts about Russia's election interference this week. One day after Putin's meeting, Trump said he accepted the US intelligence agencies' conclusions about Russian mediation, but added that the hack "could be other people as well."

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The "Russian Guardians" stood guard over the remains of Trump's Decent Walk of Fame star even attracted attention to the late night tale show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. "The president now has security out there on the boulevard that protects his star," said Kimmel on Thursday while he popped pictures of the men on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live !. "That's what comrades make for other comrades. If anyone even thinks about trying this [again]they will be" New. " ""

Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been destroyed twice since he announced he intended to run for president. Los Angeles police said Austin Clay turned in after taking a pickaxe to the star early Wednesday morning. He was arrested with suspicions of criminal vandalism but later bailed out by James Otis, the man who had used a sled hammer and pickaxe to destroy Trump's Walk of Fame star by the end of the 201

6 election.

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