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Facebook is preparing the divestment of dating function at the main app: Here's what it looks like

New information about dating features on Facebook has now been revealed. Dating will apparently be baked in the main Facebook app, and it will prioritize meaningful relationships rather than hook-ups. Thomas Ulrich | Pixabay )

Previously reported that Facebook had planned to enter the dating game by releasing a standalone computer program in Tinder's veins, but now it is meant to incorporate it into the main Facebook app instead.

Dating features are not ready for public rollout yet, but company employees now test them, even though they are careful not to share their employees.

Facebook tests a dating feature

TechCrunch has uploaded several screenshots that show features in action, drawn from Facebook app code via mobile researcher Jane Manchun Wong. It gives a sense of Facebook's attitude to dating, which seems to be geared towards finding a serious partner instead of volatile night camps.

The report mentions that users who opt in to Facebook Dating will only be visible to other people who have also built on it and their activities will not be shared with the news feed. Users can also choose whether friends of friends can show them or not, and dating profiles offer non-binary and transgender sexual orientation options. Facebook will generate matches based on the information it knows about the users, and if two people express interest in each other, they will be able to connect via Messenger or WhatsApp.

Facebook also clearly considers how many people a user can express interest in, according to TechCrunch, which would prevent anyone from saying to approve all willy-nilly. Blocking someone in the dating section will not automatically block them on Facebook, but it has not been completed.

Facebook says it has no plans to earn money on dating features, which means that no paid subscriptions or premium features will be launched in the foreseeable future. It may be re-examined later, but probably if enough people engage.

Why is Facebook suddenly in dating?

It's not sure why Facebook tries to penetrate the dating market, although it's hard to argue that it's the perfect place for such an activity – it's the biggest social networking program in the world it's about to lay The possibility of dating other people within the app itself seems like a no-brainer.

However, Facebook seems to be taking cautious steps towards rolling out dating. It does not seem interesting to let out a big, spotty app but instead wants people to make meaningful contacts with others who hopefully can become healthy and loving relationships. In a time when temporary contacts have become widespread, it is nice to see a large company that still prioritizes long-term relationships over single pressures.

It is not clear when Facebook plans to roll out, but be sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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