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Facebook can combine two important parts of its social app

Facebook is divided into so many products today that it is difficult to keep track of everything that the social app has to offer if you are not a hardcore user. News feeds, stories, messenger are just some of the features that Facebook has made available to users over the years.

The reason why Facebook shared its app in so many parts is quite simple: revenue generation. It seems that the social giant has found a way to make even more money by combining, rather than dividing, two of these features: News Feed and Stories.

TechCrunch reports the changes discovered by the software instructor Jane Manchun Wong indicates that Facebook is testing a new format that combines news flow and stories with a swinging hybrid carousel.

It allows standard feed stations and ads to be placed inside Stories in the same carousel so users would be tempted to sweep through them more often than what exceeds more views and better revenue generation of content.

GIF's post by Jane shows how a user switches to a news feed story and a story video in the hybrid carousel. The feature has been discovered in the Android version of Facebook, but if the company really plans to make it available, it will be available on all supported platforms.

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