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Facebook admits that users' voice calls have been secretly transcribed

Facebook has been secretly collecting written transcripts of its users' conversations, which the social media giant recorded through their phone microphones.

According to third parties, entrepreneurs talked with Bloomberg about practices.

The contractors said they were paid to listen to countless, sometimes vulgar conversations among Facebook Messenger users, though the company never explained to them why it needed the transcriptions.

Facebook later told Bloomberg that human transcripts were used to test the performance of its speech-recognition artificial intelligence – a worrying acknowledgment that the company regularly violates human integrity.

Facebook told Bloomberg that it stopped the secret project last week

But in a number of hearings in front of Congress, CEO Mark Zuckerberg insisted that Facebook was only allowed access to people's microphones when they were explicitly allowed to do so it for features like voicemail.

Zuckerberg never disclosed that Facebook sent recordings to third-party entrepreneurs.

It is the difference between Facebook's disclosures ̵

1; Bloomberg reports that the Face book does not mention audio recordings in its data usage policy – and the information they were asked to do that aroused the contractors about their work being unethical .

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