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Fabien Clain, French jihadist and "Paris attacks", reported killing

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The US led coalition says it is trying to verify the reports of Fabien Clain's death

French jihadist Fabien Clain, who expressed a recording claiming the attacks of 201

5 Paris for the Islamic state, has been reported killed in Syria.

Security sources told the French media a flight strike on Wednesday killed Clain in Baghuz,

The US led coalition fight says it was trying to verify the reports.

Clain became known as the French voice to the IS after the 2015 attacks that left 130 people dead.

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What is known about Wednesday's flight strike?

It was performed overnight by the American leadership, security sources told French media.

They said Clain's brother and colleague jihadist Jean-Michel was severely injured in the strike.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly later tweeted (in French), that it was "possible" that Fabien Clain was killed.

Fabien Clain is believed to have gone to Syria in 2015.

Almost 2000 French citizens have fought for IS in Syria and Iraq since 2014, the French Government believes.

How close is the catch of Baghuz?

About 300 IS warriors are believed to be hailed in and around the village on the border with Iraq.

In recent days, civilians have been evacuated from the village.

The US military SFD alliance has said it is waiting for them to be removed before launching an offensive against

Baghuza's case is significant – but experts have warned the group's ideological traits.

At most, five years ago, IS is controlled 88,000 square kilometers of territory extending from western Syria to eastern Iraq.

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