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Everything You Ought to Know About Legal Highs 


The legal highs, officially described as designer drugs or new psychoactive substances, are still growing in popularity. The war on the legal highs has resulted in a ban that’s driven the sales underground. In as much as the psychotropic substance act led to a considerable reduction in the use of these drugs, street dealers are now the leading suppliers. Vulnerable users are seeking harder alternatives in the process.


What are the legal highs?

These are substances that often mimic the effects of hard drugs. However, they get tweaked at a molecular level. They are psychoactive drugs that have different chemical ingredients of both illegal and legal substances. 


How do legal highs get sold? 

These substances get sold in various forms, including pills, capsules, powder, liquids, perforated tablets as well as smoking mixtures, among others. Some individuals inject legal highs.

Others get marketed as bath salt, plant food or incense you can check out various websites that sell legal highs including legale-mischung.net




7;re quite a several the impact of using legal highs. They can either be stimulants, thus making the user feel more energized. At times others are used as sedatives, thus enables one to become more relaxed or enjoy a time full of euphoria. In other cases, they can be psychedelics, thus altering one’s perception.


Potential risks 

Certain chemicals used to make legal highs don’t get tested for safety. Thus, users can’t be too sure about the outcome. It can cause seizures, paranoia, and in the worst-case scenario, one may land in a coma or death.


There’s an increased risk, especially when the legal highs get consumed with alcohol as well as other psychoactive substances. The legal highs tend to be addictive; thus, one ought to be careful when using them.


Is it legal to use legal highs?

Did you know that the production, distribution, sales as well as supply of legal highs are a punishable offense? It’s a law that took effect after the Psychoactive Substances Act.

However, possession of any psychoactive drugs isn’t an offense except in a custodial institution.


The legal loophole 

Before the Psychoactive Substances Act came into play, it was quite challenging to prohibit the legal highs. It’s because the law stated that a substance ought to be defined using its chemical structure before any ban to get imposed. It thus provided loopholes among the black-market chemists. They’re made tiny but significant alterations to the chemical structures. Therefore, a new drug was formed, which wasn’t prohibited.  


There’s no ultimate prediction of the consequences of the new law. However, there’s immense criticism as this ban tends to push an individual to use harder drugs and substances. It’s a wake-up call to reduce the number of hospital cases or death. There needs to be a regulation in play rather than an outright ban, which might brew another war on drugs epidemic.


There’re head shops that continue to sell legal highs. However, most users have resulted in buying any drug of their choice from the dark web.


As you head out to buy any legal highs from various websites, including legale-mischung.net, it’s best to have in-depth knowledge about the products. It’ll enable you to make an informed choice when placing an order at all times.