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Everyone's favorite use is now on Android

Stardew Valley The returned agricultural RPG originally released for Windows computers back in 2016, is now available on Android. So far, the game's mobile version has been exclusive to iOS, after coming to the iPhone and iPad in October of October. For those who keep track of, the trigger means that the game is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android and even the current PlayStation Vita.

In addition to the control changes, Stardew Valley 's mobile version is the same game as its console equivalents. The basic goal is to build a farm from the start and build and invest in more and more expensive crops and livestock, but there is also a whole city's character to build relationships and dungeon areas to knock out high-level equipment and resources.

As the iOS version of the game, you can import your existing Stardew Valley save from the Windows version with the instructions in the game's wiki, even if it is a much less intrusive process on Android. Instead of having to use iTunes, simply plug your Android device into a computer and copy your save to your phone's internal storage.

Stardew Valley s Android port is available now for $ 7.99 (£ 7.99). For that price, you get the full experience, without micro-transactions to tempt you to spend more money.

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