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ESA Space Orbiter discovers "hairy blue spider" on Mars

A color composite representation of the "hairy blue spider" discovered by an ESA orbiter on Mars. (Photo Credit: ESA / Roscosmos / CaSSIS)

Beware: A Space Agency for the European Space Agency (ESA) recently discovered a "hairy blue spider" on Mars, and the massive "eight leg frame" appears to spread across the red planet .

The strange sight taken by ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbit's coating and stereo coating system (CaSSIS) shows the Terra Sabaea region in March, according to a press release from the ESA. 1

9659004] Today, @ESA_TGO s three year anniversary since its launch, and we are celebrating with this super image gallery of new postcards from #Mars including immersive # 3D stereo views and an observation of @NASAInSight ! #ExoMars 📷https: //t.co/HtHsFjbZtd pic.twitter.com/UU19TGAnFg

– @ESA_ExoMars (@ESA_ExoMars) March 14, 2019

] But this is not a real arthropod: It is a creepy pattern lying on top of one of the Mars hills and can be the result of some dusting activity, which involves hundreds (or possibly thousands) of convergence small martian tornadoes.

To get space orbiter observations to life ESA showed a color composite representation, where features that are bluer compared to Mars' typical shade are depicted in light blue colors. According to ESA, in real color, these random strokes would appear to be a reddish tone. On Mars, the dammers dust the red planet's surface material and expose fresher materials below.

It is unknown why the beaches are very concentrated on the Mars ridges, but it may be due to a relation to the orographic lift where the carbon dioxide air flows upwards and cuts with other air masses.

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