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Epic Games gets "F" in customer service from the Better Business Bureau

Fortnite developer and publisher Epic Games has received an F-grade from the Better Business Bureau in terms of customer service.

Better Business Bureau announced that Epic Games has received the lowest possible class, an F due to 247 "unanswered customer complaints".

It is important to note that the Better Business Bureau is just a network of non-profit groups working to make businesses better, not a government organization.

The full report from the BBB is as follows …

The gaming company behind such popular titles as Fortnite and Infinity Blade has a "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau due to unanswered customer complaints. BBB serving Eastern North Carolina (BBB) ​​warns consumers about the Epic Games of Cary, NC, which has 279 BBB complaints on file over the past three years with 271

of the complaints filed in the last year alone. Of the 279 total complaints, 247 of them have gone unanswered.

Epic Games is the creator of a number of well-known games that have a global succession; In addition to Fortnite and Infinity Blade, they make Unreal, Gears of War and Shadow Complex. The company has grown significantly over the past twelve months, and their most popular game Fortnite currently has more than 6 million followers on Twitter. A majority of complaints made to the BBB against Epic Games are about customer service and repayment or exchange. A complainant wrote, "Epic Games failed to protect customer security, resulting in several unused charges over my and my partner's account." Another complainant added that "There is no phone number or correct e-mail response time to return my unauthorized cost of $ 160. No one will answer, and I feel cheated."

BBB has tried to contact Epic Games on several occasions, but the company did not respond.

Epic Games responded to this report, told Kotaku who actually addressed the accused complaints …

Epic Games is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and has redirected all players sent complaints from BBB to our support staff …

What are your thoughts on this situation? If applicable, was your experience with Epic Games support negative or positive?

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